Friday, May 31, 2013

A Trip to South Haven is Like an Ice Cream Sunday with Cherry Wine On Top!

Recently, Steve and ME took a Saturday drive up Red Arrow Highway and landed in South Haven Michigan. It is a favorite place to travel on a Saturday and is host to a couple favorite hang outs. The first stop was at Black River Books. This quaint "Mom and Pop" book store is not only Steve's favorite place to go for a quiet unencumbered stroll down cozy aisles but, it is a favorite of mine because, of the owners. They take the time to talk with you. We matter what is going on, they take the time. Immediately there was a greeting by the owner Pam Haferman. Having noticed a few months back that I was on crutches after having seen me in there many times without any physical maladies, she stopped me to share her distress over the fact that I am still reliant upon my crutches. Pam and Dick make it a special place to go. We could go to closer book stores, but, they are just not the same. It is that cozy "third" place much like ArtSeesDiner. (One of the beautiful aspects of South Haven is how user-friendly it is. Public Parking, clean accessible public restrooms, uncluttered streets, clean, friendly and an abundance of variety!) Steve and I arrived with high hopes of pizza at our favorite pizza place, Venezia Pizza in South Haven, but a stop off at The Casual Chef Cafe for Bagels and Lox left us a little on the full side. I highly recommend stopping at the Cafe, the wait staff was a breath of fresh air and the bagel and lox was definitely to our liking! The wisest thing to do was to try to walk around a bit and enjoy our time in South Haven. Since walking is still a struggle for me,(the use of crutches is not real conducive for our usual foot traffic!) it is nice to be in a place like South Haven, everything is in close proximity, and there are many places to stop and rest if necessary. It is a little crowded so, even this Grandma, (MeMe) found the number of oversized strollers a bit of a pain, but, that is not to be avoided. There are many unique shops up and down the main streets in South Haven. Something for everyone! I quite enjoyed one shop in particular, "12 Corners Winery" Tasting Room. I just had to stop in and enjoy a little wine tasting. Steve took off to explore the lake and left to me to enjoy the atmosphere and sensory experience that 12 Corners provided. My wine tasting experience was a relaxing one. Often times when you go to a tasting room, you are inundated with questions, often times, rushed, and well, it can be a bit annoying. This experience was far from that. I carefully chose my 5 wines after paying my $5. I had the pleasure of being served by Annette. She was "winederful!" I am not typically drawn to sweet wines, and avoid fruity ones, but, "Cherry Wine" got my interest. My father made cherry wine when we were kids. Cherries picked right off of our cherry tree. Not only did he make his special cherry wine, but, he made us kids cherry cider. Sweet, wonderful cherry cider. Well, this particular cherry wine was wonderful. I was suddenly sitting on the picnic table in my back yard on a summer day. While I did not necessarily want to indulge in an entire bottle for myself, I did want my sisters to enjoy what I had just experienced. So, I did buy a special bottle as a gift for my younger sister Marissa. A little later we did settle for nachos and chicken wings in the place of heavy pizza. Steve while on his walk spied a platter of nachos which called him by name. There was no turning his head towards anything else! He was right, the nachos were in fact amazing. York's Landing won Steve's heart! It was a fun relaxing day filled with gastronomical satisfaction. We ended the day with a feeling like our being in South Haven mattered. Our return home was quickly filled with preparation for our radio show featuring James Riordan author of "The Coming of the Walrus."

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to Be Guaranteed a Booth By the Window! Follow ArtSees Diner!

There are so many ways that you can be a really "Kool Kid!" and secure your favorite booth by the window! First of all you can go to and Click the pic You can go to our online radio show page,and participate in our QOW, Question of the Week contest. Email your responses to This will secure your reservation as an ArtSees Diner preferred guest, guaranteeing you a booth by the window! You could always stop in during a live episode of the ArtSees Diner online radio show. You wanna chat from your booth? Well, there are two ways to "chat" with "The Chef," or "Host!" The first of which is to call the live call-in number at +1 (646) 595-4630 (you can call this number to simply LISTEN to the show, OR to interact with the host and guests). The other is to take advantage of the little "skype" icon and use skype. (To use skype, make sure you have a skype accoount.) AFTER the show begins, you will see a Skype icon appear next to the call-in number. If you do NOT see the Skype icon during the live broadcast, and you ARE signed in to BOTH Skype and your free BlogTalkRadio account, then REFRESH your browser and the Skype icon should appear. Sign up for a FREE LISTENER MEMBERSHIP at Follow the directions beginning with clicking on Follow On your computer or wireless device, make sure you are signed into both Skype and your free BlogTalkRadio listener account. Go to the show page of a particular live broadcast of ArtSeesDiner All upcoming live broadcasts are listed at If you are still a little unclear how to follow, just click the link! RIGHT THIS WAY YOUR TABLE IS WAITING! Marilyn knows!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Se sirve a mejor amigo, en Michigan City en El Bracero!

Yes, it is always served up best at El Bracero located just north of 80/94 on 421, or also known as Franklin St. El Bracero is a chain of restaurants located throughout the North West Indiana corridor, but, this particular one is the best hand's down! Just south of rt. 20 it is a favorito of mine and Steve's. In particular the staff makes it a pleasure to stop in often. We are always greeted, with "how many, 2 amigos?" Yes, we say and they escort us to the table, with full smiles, and a desire to serve us well. We have become friends, part of the family there. We are guaranteed that the food will always be served hot and FAST! While we wait, the chips are delivered along with one of the best salsa's there is anywhere! Not super chunky, but the perfect authentic blend of all the right spices and vegetables to make is muy bueno! Steve's favorite is without question, chileguiles. It is a blend of beef stew meat seasoned and cooked until tender. Then it is served over chips, with a wonderful red gravy and topped with red onions, green pepper rings and topped with chihuahua cheese. Served up right with lettuce, pico de gallo and guacamole. The rice on the side is one of the best Mexican rice that either of us have had. As for me I vacillate between combination fajitas, chileguiles, and recently I have come to love their chile rellenos. Whatever your favorite Mexican dish, El Bracero will serve it hot, fresh, fast, and with a smile ensuring that you indeed feel like you belong there and are the most important person in the establishment! El Bracero 4100 Franklin St Michigan City, IN 46360 Oh and a word to the wise! If you are visiting Michigan City or new to the area, do not listen to the locals. They will direct you to Hacienda, and let me tell you, (we are transplants now living and working Michigan City) their food is over priced, the chips are not good, the salsa is like tomato sauce straight from a can, with no spice whatsoever, and it is not authentico! Steer clear of Hacienda!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Exotic In the Heart of Michigan City ~ Sahara Mediterranean Restaurant

Sahara's is located at 1701 N. Franklin Street in a quaint corner building on the main street of Michigan City. As you approach the building you suddenly forget you are in a middle-sized town miles away from the heartbeat of Chicago. You know you are not in the depth of Manhattan, yet, you feel in that moment as you approach the sidewalk tables and open-air dining that you are among someone who get's quality, who understands the metropolitan flavor of Manhattan. Who understands how to transform his meager surroundings into a luxurious trip to somewhere else. Having spent time in Lincoln Park neighborhood in Chicago and enjoying the variety and bustle of Manhattan, it is a joy to be able to enter into familiarity every week as Steve and I are regulars at Moe Mroueh's establishment. You know upon walking in that there is a very good chance that Moe will greet you personally. Why? Because every person that supports Sahara's is important. This is also evident when you share you love of his food, and especially when "Momma" is visiting from Lebanon and she takes over in the kitchen. Pride exudes from every pore when you approach Moe. The food is high quality, reasonably priced, and the atmosphere at Sahara's is rich with tradition, color, and clean simplicity. So the next time you are looking for a wonderful day trip to the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan by way of Michigan City, then make sure you set aside time for an exotic trip to the Mediterranean by way of Sahara's! Tell Moe, ArtSeesDiner or Mary E. sent you. Then let me know if he smiles. Oh, my favorite? The avocado salad, and hummus, of course (traditional style, it may be an aphrodisiac!) Did I mention the Belly Dancers, or the Fire Dancers? Yes, Moe does it all! Located at 1701 N. FRANKLIN MICHIGAN CITY, IN USA 219-871-1223

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chicago Food Blogger, What a Great Connection!

ArtSees Diner is delighted to be connected with the Chicago Food Blogger! ArtSees Diner is an online virtual diner, where we have joined together musicians and artists for 5 years. We are located in Chicagoland, specifically Michigan City, Indiana. I look forward to bringing a perspective that is looking out across the lake. Recently I added, "The Voice of the Diner" which is our blogtalkradio show. The radio show is growing in listeners at a remarkable rate. This was originally attempted back in 2010, but, going back to school and a limited time commitment, kept me focused on keeping the online presence alive. February 18, 2013 I launched the radio show again, with a feature "Flower and Stone Book Launch." Flower and Stone is a collection of poetry and short stories, written by me and published in February of this year. I wanted to articulate what the collection was about, read a little poetry and I was shocked to have received over 1,000 listeners. Since February 18th, the radio show and the online magazine has grown. At last check we were within close reach of 22,000 listens. We now have six new programs a week, with some weeks sporting 7 new programs. We are interviewing and featuring musicians from all around the world. Daily we pick up new musicians to feature as our Blue Plate Specials. Proudly, The Ladies of the Diner, co-host "Whine and Cheese, It's Merlot Time" where the focus is Wine, Women, Song, and of course, Whines! is always looking for new musicians, artists, writers, thinkers and we would love to begin focusing more on food! If it is considered and ART, then we are in fact interested. Stop in and say hello! Tell em' The Chef sent you! I am sure we can get you priority seating. Whine and Cheese blog Tomorrow I bring you into the exotic world of Sahara! Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Growing in Strength Takes Loyalty

Building a network one brick at a time can be very tedious! But, I remember the story of the man who asked the Lord what he could do to build HIS kingdom. The Lord told the man to "go out into the field and begin pushing the huge boulder." Every day the man did as the Lord instructed. Day after day, the boulder would not be moved. Distressed and frustrated, feeling like a failure the man fell to his knees and began to weep. He called out to the Lord in frustration and said, "I am a failure Lord, I have tried everything to move the boulder! I failed you, and myself Lord, I am so sorry!" The Lord descended HIS love like a sweet fragrance upon the man and said, "no, you are wrong, you did not fail. You did exactly as I instructed. You went out every day and pushed that boulder. Now, look at yourself, you are strong, a tower of strength, commitment and loyal. Now my son, you are ready. I did not ask you to move the boulder, merely grow strong. Go now and walk around the boulder and see what I have prepared for you!" I remain loyal to ArtSees Diner and ArtSees Producations. I began this little network 5 years ago and have sometimes not pushed the "boulder" as much one day as another, but ArtSees has taken on a life of her own. I am Mary E. LaLuna, and I work for ArtSees Diner.I protect her, promote her, while I am, I am not. It is in my fondest heart's desire that ArtSees Diner be Blessed by the sweet fragrance of the Lord.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Music of the Night ~ Classical Night at ArtSeesDiner

Music of the Night ~ Classical 05/20 by ArtSeesDiner | Blog Talk Radio
This week kicks off a week long emphasis and call to bring an end to hate in our world! Stop the Hate, let music lead the way!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What a Difference a Day Makes!

It was a day pretty much like every other day. I found myself moving about freely at the speed of sound as a High School, Integrated Chemistry/Physics teacher, coupled with the unusual assignment as "Girls Choir" teacher. (Yes, I have one of those unfortunate, multifarious backgrounds and diverse endorsement packages that lands me assignments that either no one else wants, or the district does not wish to invest in one additional teacher.) It was Thursday, November 8th to be exact. Thursdays are a wonderful day for me, as I bring my ICP students down into the media center so that they are able to use technology to extend their academic experience. Not only was I given a bizarre assignment, I was given over 100 students of various levels, needs, and grade levels and responsible for teaching a lab science without one single bit of lab materials or space. So, being the committed educator that I am, I made due. I created every learning experience possible. This of course, required me to move up and down the stairs, 9 times before I ever made it to my 7th hour class, which is/was located clear across the building and on a different level. Yes, this is true, with only 4 minutes with which to move there, materials in hand and a mental mind switch from ICP to Music. That wasn't enough, I had to move at the end of 7th period to yet another location, books, water, and full bladder to boot! With only 2 minutes to spare as I had an issue with a student, I walked out of the 11th location of the day, (factor in the media center from my home room) and it happened! This vibrant, healthy new to 52 year old woman lost her footing as I moved from a carpeted floor to a slick tile floor. Imagine the surprise when my left leg slipped out and away from me, my right leg attempting to compensate for the loss of footing, only to realize I had no means to stop what was about to happen! My life changed in an instance. All of my weight with great force crashed down on bent knee. Then I fell with force as a result of the first impact onto my hip. How I managed to make it through the last hour of class is beyond me. No one came to my aid, no one released me from my duties. By 4pm on the 8th of November, my life in fact changed forever. My left knee was severely deranged, and I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I could not move my leg, I could not lift it, put my foot flat on the floor, I could not rotate my hip. My crime? I was injured on the job in the State of Indiana. From the moment I fell I became a ward of the State, a victim of a horrific Workman's Comp nightmare. They got to direct my care. They did a piss poor job at it. I have been for the most part allowed to rot. I have been called a cry baby, a psycho, a drama queen. I have been questioned, in spite of MRI's and physical therapists noting that my foot turns under, turns blue and they cannot manipulate my leg. While I have improved to some degree, the lack of intervention by the doctor hired to treat, not me, but my "body part" my left quad muscles have atrophied over 6 months. They refused to see me or treat my neuropathy that has developed as a result of their refusal to acknowledge the extent of my injuries. I was told to go to my own doctor for the loss of feeling in my toes, sensitivity up and down my leg, and yes, the sad reality that I am plagued with pain, 24/7. I still require crutches to eliminate some of the weight on my bulging discs. I found a new doctor who discovered that I have developed advanced arthritis in the knee that was injured. Why? I did not have it the night before I fell! IN FACT I DID 100 MINUTES ON THE TREADMILL AT AN AVERAGE SPEED OF 4.8MPH! When I was told this, and it was suggested that the arthritis is a normal aging process I began to cry out of frustration at which time I was told to stop feeling sorry for myself and that I was a cry baby! You may be asking why did I stay with a new doctor who would treat me like that? Well, because I took a the mandate of Workman's Comp, and found a doctor others recommended. Do I believe his course of treatment is finally working? Yes, but, why do I have to be labeled? Why don't medical professionals listen? Anyway, as a result of following WC, and refusing to go back to the doctor who was assigned by them, Workman's Comp, evidently has just stopped not only directing my care, but, paying for my care and providing me with my allowable 66% of my income. I am writing this because today I hit a point where I have to talk about it. I have to decide to make a difference so that no one ever has to go through what I have gone through. Something that should have not taken more than 2 months to get me healing has taken over 6 months. I do not know if I will ever run again, carry my grandbabies again, climb a sand dune again. My dream of being a school administrator is a distant fantasy now. I am permanently damaged, and I do not know to what extents. the saddest thing, Is it did not have to happen. None of it! Below are some before and after shots of me. One of Steve and I at a concert for my birthday the 4th of November, the other picture was of me in a musical production on the 28th of October, and the last time I danced with my grandbabies the same night of the musical. last one is of me attempting to sing at an I will fight back, but, it is hard to fight when you realize no fight was necessary.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

ArtSees Diner Radio Show Hits the 20,500 Listens!

ArtSees Diner Radio is the voice of We pride ourselves on delivering a good product, great service and as long as we do not upset "the Chef" then everything will go as smooth as silk! See what all the excitement is about! Thank you for your support in making ArtSees Diner, that little virtual "third place" an outstanding endeavor. The Staff of ArtSees Diner thanks you, and we believe that we can "Change the World, One Song at a Time, One Heart at a Time!"

Monday, May 13, 2013

There Snow Business like Snow Biz!

Today I turned a corner, not only did I actually make it around the block 2 times, but, I did it with little stopping. Okay, so I still had my crutches, I did it! The worst is behind me! It has been a long 6 months, but, in so many ways, it has not been a wasted six months. I keep moving forward! That is the beauty in being ME! But, there is a benefit to staying still too. Today I sat still and listened and I learned! Today something else wonderful happened! I was able to spend time on the phone with an outstanding blogtalkradio personality, Nicholas Snow. Nicholas shared his insight and coached me on ways to make my radio show page better. He also got my ArtSees Diner vision, and expounded on the whole idea. Gaining support by someone like Nicholas was a major boost to my drive and desire to see ArtSees Diner become a household name. I was motivated by a leader in the blogtalkradio world! Nicholas Snow, the blogtalkradio leading show host spent almost an hour with me on the phone. He is amazing and he gave me outstanding advice, which I quickly put into action. Maybe, just maybe a year from now, I will be writing about the fact that I hit 1 million listeners like he recently did! I raise my ArtSees Diner mug to you sir and say "All best and here is to another million!" RIGHT THIS WAY YOUR TABLE'S WAITING! By the Way, please stop by SnowBizNow and support his wonderful causes, and sponsors! The Power To Be Strong! ‘The Power To Be Strong’ song and music video campaign has been created to reach millions of people around the world about the importance of voluntary HIV counseling & testing and increased adherence to safer sex, and to empower the valiant efforts of any organization or individual participating anywhere in the battle against HIV/AIDS.” …Nicholas Snow, Singer/Songwriter

On Becoming and ArtSees Diner Radio Network Follower, aka ADRN Groupie!

Want to become an ArtSees Diner Radio Network follower, aka "ADRN_Groupie?" Want to be one of our remote reporters? Want to be an official member of the Diner club? Then become an official follower! We love when you call into our shows! It is easy! We are global, so during our live shows, you too can be a part of our ADRN Party! Here is how you can be one of our favorites! Become more involved by going to and sign up for a free listener membership. Then go to the ArtSees Diner Radio Network and be certain to follow us If you are not calling from the USA, then you can reach us through SKYPE! Just click on the skype icon when the show is live. If you want to call in using a land line or cell, then call (646) 595-4620 our country code is +1 We want to talk with you, so you can be one of our remote reporters! You can become one of the Ladies of the Diner (gentlemen welcome too) Don't forget to visit the Mother Ship!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Abercrombie and Fitch Responds to CEO Michael Jeffries - Buddy You are too Ugly to Shop Here!

Yes, it is true, based upon the new mandate by CEO Michael Jeffries, unbeknownst to a new, young, thin, beautiful security guard at the famed retail store's New York City location, CEO, Michael Jeffries was asked  to leave the store. Mr Jeffries began to become visibly upset when he was asked to leave. The very attractive, while emaciated modelesque security guard leaned into Mr. Jeffries and whispered, "sir, I am sorry but based upon our new policy, you cannot shop here. You see sir, you are not pretty enough, you are way too old, and Eeeew, it is just too creepy to have an old dude shopping with all the young beautiful people. Sir, you are going to have to leave. Sears is down around the corner."

Imagine the dismay and the skuttle-butt that occurred?

While this is not a true occurrence, in the real world, it could be and should me. Between CEO's such as Marissa Mayer sweeping in and losing site of the what Yahoo is about, Michael Jeffries lack of sensitivity training and isolating the majority of the world, CEO Ursula Burns listing that one of the top thing women should do to get ahead is marry an older, successful man, and IBM following in the pattern of all the other IT, organizations and establishing an average work age of being 30 years of age, the lack of insight, discrimination, short-shortsightedness, and lack of wisdom, one must wonder what they really hope to gain in all of this? Is there more money in isolating the majority? Is there something gained when ignorance is at the helm of the organization?

In short, I cannot help but believe that we are increasingly becoming a valueless society and all sensibilities are vanishing at the speed of a super computer.

Thin and Beautiful

" Jeffries is considered to have been the main creator of the new look for the company, saying that he wanted A&F to "sizzle with sex".[2]" Whether it is Jeffries obsession with youth, accusations of questionable use of under the age of 18 year old models, or this newest blunder. I sure hope that the majority of the people who once shopped at A/F teach this old man a lesson. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

ArtSees Diner Radio Network Presentation

It was 5 years ago that I began Since that time, I have explored many different pathways towards developing ArtSees Productions. I am finding myself more and more drawn in by the beauty and simplicity of the "Diner!" Please join us at ArtSees Diner Radio Network. You will not be sorry!

When Did You Choose to Be Straight?

This is a very interesting question asked of heterosexuals. It is a different perspective all the way around. I remember a friend of mine, who is a gay man, what it was like for him growing up? I remember seeing the pain in his eyes when he told me the story of being very attracted to the same boys in the class that the girls were, and being so confused. That he was so uncomfortable in his own skin. How difficult it was when the boys would be talking about the girls in his class and looking at pictures that were sneaked out of their father's garage of nakes women. He had to pretend to be as aroused as the boys were.

Another dear friend of mine shared how confusing it was for her that while all the girls in her classes were looking forward to wearing dresses and looking pretty for the boys, she agonized at the thought and was even sickened by the idea that she would have to wear a dress.

For both of my friends they knew very early on that their desires and understanding of who they were was not in keeping with the majority. It was then that I began to look at each of my students in a very different way. I no longer assumed that every little girl liked little boys and every boy was desiring to be around girls. In fact, I was very careful to not force homogeneous grouping gender as there may have been a reason why some children were as uncomfortable with being with the same gender as some heterosexual children were with being with heterogeneous grouping.

Just a thought...Thank you Chris Baker  and Rebecca Eisenberg

Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Anniversary ArtSees Diner! I LOVE you!

Many who have come along have asked, "what is ArtSees Diner?" "Where is it located?"  Well, I just laugh, because for 5 years as of May 8, 2008, it has been a nice little virtual diner. The word "Virtual" I thought would have given it away.

ArtSees Diner, originally was going to appear as Artsies Diner. But, after more careful analysis about my passion and my dream, (and discussion with Steve) it became apparent that changing the name to reflect what was at the heart of my dream, it would be best to call it ArtSees Diner. Art, Sees with the Heart, so therefore, removing it from what would appear as a person's name to an action seemed all the wiser.

Well over 20 years ago, I was tired of having no place to go, no place to communicate with others beyond my church, or my children's school playground. I had a brain, ideas, philosophy, passion, and limited resources with which to share it. I often think that if social media had been the newest thing in 1983 when I was deep in baby doodoo, that I would have been the maven of all social media by now. The blogs, the chats, the online magazines that I would have launched would have been stellar.

Instead, I had a dream about a place, a "third place," where individuals could come and share their dreams, trials, concerns, passions, art, you name it and be heard. The human discourse is still missing in our social media outlets. Narcissism is alive and well, and at an all time high. Look at twitter, facebook, myspace and what do you see? The majority of the people are there to promote their ideas, their bathroom pictures with duck lips, themselves. Rarely do you see media outlets where the owner of the page is promoting other people over and over again. Well, ArtSeesDiner is the rare gem in the social media world. Why? Well, primarily because of the passion that was born out of a hunger to be made visible, to be heard, to have an opportunity to share me. I discovered that I can best share me when I am sharing others. Most people still do not understand the benefit of that, or the beauty in the cross-propagation. Merely liking someone's page, or following another doesn't guarantee that you are made any more "real!" Social media communication is still a one way track for the most part. While goods and services and music may be heard, the human need for communication is still lost. (I digress) is my heart and passion. While I have many passions, this is the one that I find myself talking about the most, dreaming about, obsessing about. ArtSees Diner is now a representation of me, and my desire to make people feel good about themselves. When I make others feel good, I feel good. I will search deeper to find the first explanation and research behind ArtSees Diner and I will probably share a few more blogs along the way about it as well. Below is a little "ABOUT" that I wrote for our facebook group page. If you are one of the 5,000 that visits every month to, or one of the almost 20,000 that have listened to my voice on ArtSeesDinerRadio, then I thank you. If you are new to the Diner, then please make yourself known to me. I do not want you to be invisible. Join us at the table of life, found in the center of

ArtSees Diner Online Magazine  was Founded in May of 2008, when it officially went online! We are about promoting, all areas of the Humanities and Fine Art! We are not to be confused with any other organizations utilizing a name near to ours. We are the Original ArtSees Diner(c), a product of ArtSees Productions(c)!
We are a group of writers and singers, and lovers of life that have come together in a quaint little virtual diner to share with you our readers little stories, tidbits of information and the love of the written word. Sit back and enjoy and I warn you, be ready to duck when DCR and SRC begin slinging the hash! It could get a little messy! Oh and be afraid, VERY afraid if Fruitcake is ever served at the diner ; - ) The Patriarch is known for it.

ArtseesDiner(c) is a Virtual Magazine where we sit around drinking virtual coffee, listen to music, promote our friends, discover the newest talent, spin some tales and just go back to a time when the corner diner meant something, a home away from home a "third place."

For my father, I love you!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sunday Inspiration - Message by Merlin Gonzales 05/05 by ArtSeesDiner | Blog Talk Radio

Sunday Inspiration - Message by Merlin Gonzales 05/05 by ArtSeesDiner | Blog Talk Radio

OH GOD LET ALL THE NATIONS PRAISE YOU! ps67 and ArtSees Diner Radio brings to the world an online International, Ecumenical Sunday Service. Tomorrow's guest speaker is Merlin Gonzales, author of Kingdom in Our Midst, and founder of Faith, Hope and Love International.

Following Praise and Worship, he will deliver a profound message. Come as you are, from where you are and be inspired to live out the week filled with faith, hope and love.

Please feel free to log on to chat, and let us pray for you. (live chat is during the live show only)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

PBL3.Edu : Profit Drives Education Improvements? What a novel...

PBL3.Edu : Profit Drives Education Improvements? What a novel...: Does it surprise anyone that a profit would be a motivator in doing a better job? Just look at McGraw Hill and other companies that continue...