Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Anniversary ArtSees Diner! I LOVE you!

Many who have come along have asked, "what is ArtSees Diner?" "Where is it located?"  Well, I just laugh, because for 5 years as of May 8, 2008, it has been a nice little virtual diner. The word "Virtual" I thought would have given it away.

ArtSees Diner, originally was going to appear as Artsies Diner. But, after more careful analysis about my passion and my dream, (and discussion with Steve) it became apparent that changing the name to reflect what was at the heart of my dream, it would be best to call it ArtSees Diner. Art, Sees with the Heart, so therefore, removing it from what would appear as a person's name to an action seemed all the wiser.

Well over 20 years ago, I was tired of having no place to go, no place to communicate with others beyond my church, or my children's school playground. I had a brain, ideas, philosophy, passion, and limited resources with which to share it. I often think that if social media had been the newest thing in 1983 when I was deep in baby doodoo, that I would have been the maven of all social media by now. The blogs, the chats, the online magazines that I would have launched would have been stellar.

Instead, I had a dream about a place, a "third place," where individuals could come and share their dreams, trials, concerns, passions, art, you name it and be heard. The human discourse is still missing in our social media outlets. Narcissism is alive and well, and at an all time high. Look at twitter, facebook, myspace and what do you see? The majority of the people are there to promote their ideas, their bathroom pictures with duck lips, themselves. Rarely do you see media outlets where the owner of the page is promoting other people over and over again. Well, ArtSeesDiner is the rare gem in the social media world. Why? Well, primarily because of the passion that was born out of a hunger to be made visible, to be heard, to have an opportunity to share me. I discovered that I can best share me when I am sharing others. Most people still do not understand the benefit of that, or the beauty in the cross-propagation. Merely liking someone's page, or following another doesn't guarantee that you are made any more "real!" Social media communication is still a one way track for the most part. While goods and services and music may be heard, the human need for communication is still lost. (I digress) is my heart and passion. While I have many passions, this is the one that I find myself talking about the most, dreaming about, obsessing about. ArtSees Diner is now a representation of me, and my desire to make people feel good about themselves. When I make others feel good, I feel good. I will search deeper to find the first explanation and research behind ArtSees Diner and I will probably share a few more blogs along the way about it as well. Below is a little "ABOUT" that I wrote for our facebook group page. If you are one of the 5,000 that visits every month to, or one of the almost 20,000 that have listened to my voice on ArtSeesDinerRadio, then I thank you. If you are new to the Diner, then please make yourself known to me. I do not want you to be invisible. Join us at the table of life, found in the center of

ArtSees Diner Online Magazine  was Founded in May of 2008, when it officially went online! We are about promoting, all areas of the Humanities and Fine Art! We are not to be confused with any other organizations utilizing a name near to ours. We are the Original ArtSees Diner(c), a product of ArtSees Productions(c)!
We are a group of writers and singers, and lovers of life that have come together in a quaint little virtual diner to share with you our readers little stories, tidbits of information and the love of the written word. Sit back and enjoy and I warn you, be ready to duck when DCR and SRC begin slinging the hash! It could get a little messy! Oh and be afraid, VERY afraid if Fruitcake is ever served at the diner ; - ) The Patriarch is known for it.

ArtseesDiner(c) is a Virtual Magazine where we sit around drinking virtual coffee, listen to music, promote our friends, discover the newest talent, spin some tales and just go back to a time when the corner diner meant something, a home away from home a "third place."

For my father, I love you!

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