Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hamilton Is All the Rage - Welcome to Chicago

It all began as a result of my daughter's utmost fascination that started about 2 years ago I began to follow this phenomena. I started the mad search for tickets to Hamilton tickets for her birthday.

 I discovered that it was close to impossible to find seats to a NYC production, that is unless you wanted to spend a couple thousand or more for a ticket. I saw StubHub, VividSeats and even TicketMaster handling the resale tickets on their site. All of them collecting a nice percentage.

So, when they went on sale in Chicago the other day I jumped on board. 1) I wanted to get tickets for my daughter. 2) It became a game for me to secure tickets 3) If others can make a few $$ entering into the resale game then why can't I? WELL! Let me re-emphasize the WELL!

Can you imagine my frustration when I discovered that due to the high volume of sales and cost associated with the Hamilton phenomena that you can pretty much not sell tickets through a reseller? Tis' True my fellow American.

It seems as though only "professional resellers" of said tickets can embark on reselling them...which makes me wonder how these tickets could have hit StubHub and other outlets within an hour of them going on-sale? Ticketmaster is not even releasing the PDF's, e-tickets or anything yet.

Needless to say I have some good seats for sale. I am not a "professional seller" per se, but I am as transparent and legit as possible. Hit me up - if it just so happens that Ticketmaster releases my purchase to me (why they are being withheld is beyond me) then I would be happy to immediately transfer them to your name upon a paypal transaction. :)

I am certain that Lin-Manuel Miranda is jumping up and down for joy.  Feel free to contact me. Legitimate buyers only please

Here is to a great show! #HamiltonCHI  Oh and #StubHub was willing to let me sell my tickets making them a fat profit as long as I hand deliver my only copy of tickets to their hands on Roosevelt in Chicago. Seriously, would you just turn your tickets over to anyone if they were valuable without some guarantee that you would be compensated? I am supposed to trust them, yet they don't trust me...they have all my banking information. Oh boy!