Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Zorn Brew Works; Don't Expect the Typical

Sometimes all it takes is for someone to look beyond the crumbling bricks, overgrown weeds and outdated properties to see opportunity and then put their ideas into action. So is the case for John Van Prooyen proprietor of Zorn Brew Works, Co.

His vision and enterprise have brought to life a historic landmark in the heart of Elston Grove, Michigan City Indiana. Zorn Brew Works Co., It is the brain child of John and his entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. In many ways one might say he is channeling that same spirit that was found in the original owner of the business Philip Zorn a 19th century immigrant from Bavaria.

Guests to Zorn Brew Works can expect small batch brews, small plates (with the promise of a full kitchen in the near future) wine and new to the offering is local winery, Shady Creek. Zorn Brewing is unique in that it offers more than just their own brews on tap.

This wonderful addition to the North End of Michigan City brings to life an area that has suffered economically over the past couple of decades and is an important part of the Michigan City revitalization efforts of this bustling community. Not only does Zorn provide the perfect "third place" it provides opportunities for professional networking, live musicians and more to come.

Way to Go Zorn! We are so glad you are here. 

100 Washington Earns a 100%

For those of you coming into the area for a summer get-away or maybe you have your boat down at the Michigan City Marina, you are in for an amazing treat! Northwest Indiana and the entire Michiana area are quickly becoming known for their gastronomic excellence and one of the newest members of the elite club is 100 Washington located at 100 Washington Street, Michigan City. It is located along Trail Creek and the Amtrak Station with glorious views of the lake. Even more spectacular is the outdoor cedar bar and comfortable seating that enhances the sensory experience that this ultra-modern establishment provides.

Jason Gatzka has taken his time in creating a well-crafted establishment. From the upscale patio to acquiring to a phenomenal, albeit simple menu, to a spot on bar he earns an A+. But, more than that is the "chill-esque" vibe of the dining room and New York state of mind events that keep the locals coming back for more. Kyle has committed to staying open year round and has embraced the locals as his cake with summer tourism as the frosting on said cake.

Make sure you stop in and allow time to relax with one of their specialty cocktails, fine wine, or the best Manhattan this side of the Big Apple.

Steve and Mary E's recommendation for visitors from the West - Board the Amtrak train to the Michigan City station right at the doorstep of 100 Washington and settle in for a night of food and folly. Or come in for lunch and then enjoy all that there is by foot throughout Michigan City. Hail an Uber and get a tour of #mymichigancity and see all that this wonderful hub has to offer. The $$ spent on a train to and from Chicagoland is way less than the taxes and parking that you will spend staying in Chicago. (Southshore line is a good way to travel too.)

One Hundred Washington

100 Washington, Michigan City, IN 46360, us


Monday - Thursday: 11am - 9pm
Saturday:11am - 10pm
Sunday: 11 am - 9pm