Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Zorn Brew Works; Don't Expect the Typical

Sometimes all it takes is for someone to look beyond the crumbling bricks, overgrown weeds and outdated properties to see opportunity and then put their ideas into action. So is the case for John Van Prooyen proprietor of Zorn Brew Works, Co.

His vision and enterprise have brought to life a historic landmark in the heart of Elston Grove, Michigan City Indiana. Zorn Brew Works Co., It is the brain child of John and his entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. In many ways one might say he is channeling that same spirit that was found in the original owner of the business Philip Zorn a 19th century immigrant from Bavaria.

Guests to Zorn Brew Works can expect small batch brews, small plates (with the promise of a full kitchen in the near future) wine and new to the offering is local winery, Shady Creek. Zorn Brewing is unique in that it offers more than just their own brews on tap.

This wonderful addition to the North End of Michigan City brings to life an area that has suffered economically over the past couple of decades and is an important part of the Michigan City revitalization efforts of this bustling community. Not only does Zorn provide the perfect "third place" it provides opportunities for professional networking, live musicians and more to come.

Way to Go Zorn! We are so glad you are here. 

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