Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Geja's Cafe, Lincoln Park, Chicago Illinois, Cheers!

I first enjoyed Geja's Fondue Cafe over 10 years ago when my daughters brought me there for Mother's Day. It was a truly memorable experience, but, so long ago that I can't really speak to the specifics. What I do remember is that it was the moment when I fell in love with fondue.
So, speed ahead a few years. Last year I had the pleasure of interviewing Kirby Matthews . Matthews is Geja’s Café’s General Manager, wine buyer and force behind the monthly Winemaker dinner series. Every month, he creates a new theme for the dinners. Since speaking with Kirby, a visit to Geja's Cafe has been on my bucket list and thanks to perfect timing I was able to make it over and share it with my daughter and her husband. Just being back in my old neighborhood heightened the sense of wonder and ¨Ahh!¨
I made our reservations through their online Open Table reservation system, which is delightfully convenient. We had hoped for a 6pm reservation, but, the only available times were before or after 7p. So we settled for 5:30. Our special night actually began a few weeks earlier when I purchased a Groupon coupon to make it possible for me to treat my special guests to a culinary delight. (the perfect way to try places you otherwise wouldn't)
Initially, we were greeted by a very friendly valet staff. Moving down into the Cafe immediately transported us to a European cafe or a Spanish hideaway. I was surprised; initially we believed that maybe we happened upon a slow night. Boy were we wrong. It filled up very quickly. The cafe was bustling in no time. 
Anticipate an incredible wait staff, a warm romantic ambiance, and delectable entrees that will tickle your senses. Even meeting Manager Jeff with one of the friendliest handshakes in all of Chicago makes the visit extraordinary. 
We were taken care of by Jair. Although looks are not supposed to matter, let me just say in this case, between the very handsome Jair and his attention to detail it was heavenly. It wasn't just Jair, but, his assistant was extremely attentive, bringing us fresh glasses of water, and ensuring that we were never required to ask for anything. 
Geja's offers a very decadent house cheese fondue, flaming chocolate fondue, along with fresh vegetables and top quality seafood, aged beef tenderloin and chicken breasts. The entree's, dipping sauces, very green - fresh salad and other adornments make for a fabulous dining extravaganza. 
My daughter and her husband enjoyed the Prince Geja's Combination as well as the Deluxe Seafood entree. I enjoyed the Aged Beef Tenderloin with Chicken Breast combination. With each entree anticipate a wide assortment of multi-colored peppers, onion rings, mushrooms, potatoes and broccoli. 
Along with the wide variety of seafood, chicken and tenderloin are also a selection of cheeses from around the world as well as vegetarian selections. Wine lovers anticipate a celebration of wines from around the world. 
Things to note: 
  • Dress is dress to upper-casual. No baseball caps, tennis shoes, casual shorts, etc. 
  • Reservations are recommended in advance, especially for weekends. 
  • Reservations can be made online, Wine Dinners reservations must be made by phone:  773.281.9101
  • No children under the age of 10. Because of the hot oils and open flames at the table, maturity is highly recommended. 
  • Don't come rushed! It is a nice leisurely, potentially very romantic experience. 
  • Consider cabbing it in or staying overnight at one of the wonderful hotels. Enjoy the wine and all that the experience has to offer. 
Special recommendation: Consider limiting your after-dinner plans. You will be gastronomically is truly a time to sit back and relax. 

In closing, Geja's Cafe is a must visit whether you are visiting Chicagoland for a business trip, vacation, or you happen to be fortunate enough to live in one of the most spectacular gastronomic centers in the entire USA. As they begin to celebrate another year as one of Lincoln Park's mainstays, be certain to reserve a Winemaker's Dinners. For only $55 per person you will be treated to a 4 course dinner paired with fine wine specially chosen for the evening. 

Here is to another 50 fabulous years! Geja's is without question one of the most spectacular restaurants in the Midwest. I look forward to a future visit, in fact, I am thinking a Winemaker's dinner soon will be the perfect way to celebrate my sister's 50th. It only makes sense, right? 

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Geja's Addendum! I went back and this time I brought Steve Champagne. He is typically not a big fondue fan, but, he absolutely loved Geja's Cafe! This makes me very happy, because I love Geja's. We will be back! Make sure you get your vote in and help Geja's remain as the most romantic restaurant. Vote here! Then go see for yourself. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

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