Wednesday, April 12, 2017

New Buffalo Bills Is Smokin' Good!

603 E. Buffalo St. 
New Buffalo, MI 49117 
(269) 469-9992 
It was a long time coming and I was told by a friend that I had to try New Buffalo Bills as soon as it was in full swing this spring. So today was the day. I happened to be in the neighborhood and suddenly got a hankering for some good BBQ. Fortunately NBB's was open and ready to serve. 

I think one of the things that got me hooked early on was the friendly voice behind the drive up. Because I hadn't really planned on sitting down to eat but, rather I did the easy, breezy thing and took advantage of their convenient drive-thru. I can assure you that now that I have enjoyed their fine BBQ I will be back and enjoy the fully remodeled restaurant along with a nice glass of wine to go along with my meal. So,  back to the friendly voice behind the drive up. The voice has a name - Jason. 

My order was placed: Beef Brisket Dinner and Texas Sausage Dinner. Each dinner comes with two sides, so I chose greens, cowboy beans, corn bread and potato salad. I pulled forward and was greeted by the "friendly voice." Believe me after a long day at work there is nothing more appetizing than great customer service. Jason assured me it would only be a minute and by gum, he was right! Quick, friendly service! Before I even tasted the cuisine I was hooked. 

The beef brisket was out of this world! It was flavorful, super tender and melt in your mouth goodness. The Texas sausage, while not my thing, was delicious. Steve, the sausage lover really enjoyed it. Personally I loved the greens. They were easily some of the best I have ever eaten. The cowboy beans are truly a meal all by themselves, especially when enjoyed with spoon-able corn bread. 

For those of you who are not meat eaters, no worry, there is plenty to choose from that does not come from anything that moos or oinks. One item that caught my eye was smoked tofu. I looking forward to trying it as well as their ribs and chicken. I guess there is very little need for me to fill my propane tank, acquire charcoal and set up the grill when I can travel down rt. 12 and let New Buffalo Bill's cook for me. So much goodness, such little time as the saying goes. 

The owners of the establishment have a long history in both nutrition and the culinary arts. All of the smoking comes from locally grown fruit trees and unlike some establishments that over smoke or over sauce their meat, diners can expect the perfect amount of smokiness, and seasonings. If you want sauce, sauce and more sauce, just ask NBB's has plenty to choose from. 

Large orders are available and meat is obtainable by the pound, perfect for all the summer picnics and gatherings coming around the corner. All items are available for dine in or carry out. New Buffalo Bill's also offers beer and wine.