Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Treated Like Royalty at the Riu Palace, Aruba

It was a trip like none other. Tropical sunsets, paradise, blue waters, libations at will and more food than anyone could possibly imagine! I didn't quite know what to imagine, all I knew is that the Beach Boy song that calls upon Aruba, Jamaica...kept swimming through my head as I searched for tropical attire leading up to the trip. Let me just iterate that I went to Aruba as the "Queen of Soapblogging" and returned as an Arubian Princess! The Making of Royalty We knew it was an all inclusive resort, but, we had no idea how inclusive it was. From room service 24/7 to an in room liquor decanter complete with Vodka, Rum, Brandy and Whiskey along with a fully stocked refrigerator of beverages to food available to all patrons 24/7, it was every vacationer's dream!Imagine only taking out your wallet to leave a tip, buy trinkets or to play at one of the 2 casinos on the property. Yes, it was heavenly. The mature sister to the Riu Palace, was the Rui Antilla. We could visit the her whenever we desired should we seek a more adult atmosphere. All we had to do was follow the white and aqua blue corridor and there we were. Now, don't get me wrong, the stately Palace was more than enough, but, now and then movement away from children in the food and bar area was a welcome reprise. You just have to imagine paradise. Seriously, it was paradise. I am not saying that it was 100% perfection, nothing is, but, that which was good, was so good that it overshadowed anything that wasn't perfection. We will be back! I wish I was there now, 10 below wind chill has me really missing the pool, the personal bartenders, swimming, snorkling, eating, celebrating, sand under my feet, sun on my face, and a balcony view to die for!