Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Kiss

The Kiss is a watercolor painted by me yesterday. I am fascinated with trees. Trees hold all the knowledge in the world. As they stand guard over a neighborhood, forest, city town, they are witness to all the comings and goings of man. The things a tree must see totally intrigues me. So it is with my "Lady Tree" she is my queen, what I long to be.
A couple of months ago I began painting her as I painted my dear friend and step-mom's Christmas gift. It was a simple tree with dogwood blossoms and the sign of life, renewal, and friendship at the core. As I witness her emerge, there she was in the midst of the design a graceful lady. Just like Nancy, graceful, non-waivering, consistenct, strong, proud beautiful.
Later that day, I painted a smaller version of the original painted for her. From that I created a summer, fall and winter version of the same tree. I was transfixed as I without intent created the tree morphing through the stages of a woman's life. Someday I will reproduce that for you my reader to see. Until then, I merely use the forward of this blog as a introduction to my Valentine present to myself. The Kiss.
The Kiss was painted yesterday to honor Klimt's The Kiss. I love that painting. Every Valentine's day I cast my sights back to any pictures on-line that I can find of it. So, it is that I decided to create a nature's kiss. The Kiss by M.E.LaLuna as featured at the beginning of this blog takes the lady and shows her gracefully dancing with her lover, hands entwined.
Love is nature's dance. A Lady full of grace, stands watch over lovers and dreamers.