Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Consummate Professionals at William B's

What is the "Consummate Professional?" The "CP" is a person who without wavering conviction fulfills their role as a professional to the letter. Who without question exudes, joy, pride and service, putting your their patron, (not customer, but patron there is a big difference) above all else. Rarely do you encounter a "CP" anymore, as it is not in keeping with a millenial approach to service. Sadly, the art of "CP" is slipping away as more and more "CP's" and that approach to service is being put out to pasture.
I am here to celebrate "Consummate Professionals" and what they add to a dining experience. How wonderful it is for Steve and I that all we have to do is travel a short distance to find, not one, but many a "CP!" You will find them smiling and awaiting your arrival at Blue Chip Casino, Michigan City. Walk through the revolving doors, look to your left and "right this way your table's waiting" smiles will greet you. William B's Steakhouse is Blue Chip's high end restaurant.
Our favorite place to experience a spa dining experience is William B's. Why? Well, the food is wonderful, fresh, inviting, and you can expect pride in what is served. But, because of the service. Let's begin with Patrick. Patrick oversees William B's. Patrick has an magnetic personality. He knows the business and he knows the business! Rarely do you find someone who not only says hello, but, extends his hand to you. A gentleman's gentleman. He knows his wine, still enjoys a fine cigar, and he "get's it!" Rarely does a lady ever get the back of her hand kissed anymore. Rarely does a lady get the linen napkin placed upon her lap. In moments like that you are elevated to a position of esteem, royalty and yes, in those rare moments you experience how the "1%" live on a continuum. Patrick, you know your business and you know how to treat people. It is one of the reasons we keep coming back for more! Thank you for inviting us into your dining room.
In addition to Patrick, our waiter last night was the closest I will ever get to a man in waiting, or a butler. Wayne was careful, meticulous, was relaxed, but, was about the business of serving his patrons with style. I found myself wondering how many top shelf wines he has served in his time. How many thick cut steaks. The stories he could tell, but, NEVER would, as he is not only a consummate professional, but a gentleman! Wayne, you served us in style and kept well with the tradition of fine dining. (You didn't even flinch when the woman with the over-sized purse sitting on the floor nearly broke your neck! Without batting an eye, you said, "here, let me help you put it on the chair next to you! Style my friend, STYLE and CLASS!) Thank you for recommending Newton Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon. We enjoyed slowly savoring, each sip of what turned out to be perfect pairing with our meal. In addition, the way in which you prepared the wine so as to fully experience the bouquet, color and complexity was deeply appreciated.
Thirdly I would like to include Pete in with the "CP" club located at William B's. Pete is a tall distinguished looking gentleman that can be found behind William B's front end bar. He is one of the first points of contact when walking in Blue Chip Casino. You will see Pete standing at attention, ready to serve, awaiting his next patron. Be prepared for a very professional encounter. His demeanor is straight forward, but, after he professionally serves you, you can expect an enlightened, articulate conversationalist. He is a renaissance man with deep integrity, and pride. He towers above the Pines!
In closing, if you want to experience what Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, the "Mad Men" of the past experienced. If you have never been on a cruse, or to a 4 star resort, then you must visit Blue Chip's "Consummate Professionals" and find out how what you have been missing.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

LaPorte County Poet Laureate Susan Block Visits ArtSees Diner Radio

Online Entertainment Radio at Blog Talk Radio with ArtSees Diner Radio on BlogTalkRadio

Tonight co-hosts, Mary E, and Diane Blanchette and Michael Urbano interview special guest Susan Block, Poet Laureate for LaPorte County Indiana. Discover LaPorte County through the eyes of a woman who knows. Susan Block is a patroness of the arts in LaPorte and has dedicated her life to bringing the finest in literature, art and community alive!
Michael Urbano will be sharing SMASH a new adventure!
Diane, Michael and Mary will also spend some time talking over all the wonderful things coming up from Chicago to Indianapolis to Kankakee County to Northwest Indiana.
Music compliments of William Rottman, Running My Mind.

International Association of Culinary Professionals Conference_ Chicago

Attend the IACP Book & Blog Festival this Saturday!

This weekend the International Association of Culinary Professionals is holding their annual conference here in Chicago, and this year they have added a special Book & Blog Festival where attendees can meet their favorite cookbook authors and bloggers, enjoy food and drinks, and even pitch ideas to editors, agents, and art directors. There will also be plenty of giveaways throughout the night! Tickets are also available for purchase here. The IACP would love to see as many Chicago Food Bloggers as possible and, because this event is open to the public, any publicity on blogs and social media is greatly appreciated!
DATE: March 15, 2014
TYPE: Book & Blog Festival
VENUE NAME: Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile
VENUE ADDRESS: 540 N. Michigan Ave.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Crep-Pannies! Yummy Simple High Protein Breakfast!

So, today is Sunday and it is a day to feast for most people. It is the day when the cold cereal, fast grab breakfast of the work week is replaced with a more leisurely approach to gastronomic satisfaction. Well, I was faced with a dilemma, to have another protein shake, plain eggs, or be a little more extravagant? Well, in keeping with ME, Mary E., I gave in to extravagant...sort of. I found what I believe is the perfect way to meet half way on both sides of the dilemma. I made "Crep-Pannies" In other words, a cross between a pancake and a crepe with a special high protein, lo-carb twist. That is right, I did it. In my typical, "a little of this, and a little of that" whimsical, carefree approach. I rarely write recipes down as it is not my style. I do as my senses tell me when it comes to most things and especially cooking! Here is my recipe, just for you!

Caution: I really believe you must approach your cooking endeavor in the grand style of this Crep-Panny Chef, do it barefoot, with a robe on, hair wild tossed about your head and nothing but a hungry fire in your soul!

Begin with a nice size mixing bowl, you will need it! Secondly do not bother with a hand mixer, but, rather use a whisk to keep with the whimsical, carefree approach of this chef :D. Cook these pancakes on either a flat griddle or a crepe pan. I personally used a flat round frying pan, about 13 inches in diameter. INGREDIENTS:

  • One juicy lemon
  • One fresh apple
  • 3 eggs
  • oil, 1 tablespoon or so...
  • About 1/2 to 3/4 quarters cup of flour
  • a dash or 2, baking powder
  • a dash or 2, baking soda/ Just enough to make it look temporarily like a grade school science project :D
  • Vanilla a tsp or so
  • Milk, 1/2 cup
  • Protein powder - 1 scoop, I used GNC brand
  • Honey 1 tsp to counter lemon, and for sweet love
  • Pure maple syrup

Begin by squeeze the juice of the lemon, set it aside. Next grate your apple, peel and all, add it to the lemon. In a mixing bowl, crack your eggs into the bowl. Using your whisk, beat the heck out of the eggs. Use any fear of calories on the eggs...go ahead beat em' up...they can take the aggression! Now, add the lemon and the apples to the eggs, mix it up real good. Add vanilla, blend it in. Add oil, next add the baking powder, seriously no more than a teaspoon, mix it in and then add the baking soda. Now, watch it, here comes the pseudo-science experiment! Add a little of the flour, mix it in, add the milk, mix it in, add the rest of the flour and protein powder, add the honey, and mix it all together. It should be the consistency of a really nice milk shake.

Spray your cooking surface generously. Let it get hot enough that when you begin to pour your batter on it, it sizzles! When adding the batter to the surface, spread it around and try to make it equal to the size of a crepe and as thin as you can. To flip something this size, take a spatula gently around the edges loosening it. Then carefully slide your spatula under the crep-panny when it is evident that it is cooked more than half way through and with one quick, careful lift turn it over. It will only take a minute after the flip to be done. Place the cooked crep-panny on a plate waiting for the rest to be done. Repeat this step until all batter is gone.

Serve the crep-panny with whatever topping tickles your fancy! I put a light blend of butter, and pure maple syrup, (no maple flavored corn syrup allowed in my kitchen!) I spread it lightly over my crep-panny and rolled it up. I heated it for an additional 25 seconds in the microwave. This step infuses the syrup and butter. Doing it this way will give you a light buttery sweetness and you will use only 1/6th of the typical dousing of syrup on pancakes. Saturday Night Steve, well, he likes his without any additional nonsense.

Enjoy! This recipe makes about 3 nice size crep-pannies!

I am looking forward to hosting my first Meal Sharing event soon! Check out my site and the many others from around the world!