Saturday, December 12, 2015

Cointreau-Quila by Mary E.(Qwon-tro-quila)

So tonight whilst spending time at a local restaurant/pub I found myself desiring a libation. There wasn't the wine I wanted, nor was their the Scotch that I would prefer to sip; so, I decided to have the bartender whip me up an original.I requested a tequila with Cointreau It is called the Cointreau-quila, French meets Mexico, or the Qwon-tro-quila. It is one shot of tequila, anejo or resposado would be best preferably Casa Noble but, any good tequila will do. Plus, a shot of Cointreau liquour. Squeeze a slice of lime and lemon into a glass filled with ice. That is all there is to it! The Cointreau-quila, or Qwon-tro-quila! Enjoy! Cointreau Casa Noble Overboard Dark Star

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