Sunday, October 8, 2017

Bistro On the Greens - Michiana's Newest Hot Spot

There is nothing better than celebrating your friend’s birthday! Well, maybe there is something better and that is celebrating your friend’s birthday with great food at a very special place. One that offers all the ambiance and class to make better - spectacular! Such was the case with my friend’s birthday celebration at Bistro On the Greens.
Bistro On the Greens is the brainchild of restaurant entrepreneur John Moultrie. John brings to his newest endeavor not only his love of fine NOLA, Southern cuisine but an extensive background in jazz to the restaurant nestled in the historical Legacy Golf Course, LaPorte Indiana. Moultrie’s clever double-entendre with the use of “Greens” provides a window into his creative flair. In short he has nailed a “whole in one.”

Let me recreate the evening for you; Upon arriving we encountered a few diners leaving the restaurant and asked them how their evening was. Aside from their very happy content faces we knew they were well pleased after asking them about their experience. Their response was, “fabulous!” My friend asked for recommendations and they quickly listed what they dined on and summarized by saying, “all of it is fantastic!” That was a great way to kick off the evening.

We were greeted by a lovely lady who was ready and willing to make our night a special one. John Moultrie’s attention to detail was everywhere from the warm welcome of the hostess to the subtle lighting and overall glow. But, that was only the beginning. Not only were we embraced by a cordial hostess and seductive lighting, but also by the music floating from a baby grand piano and “larger than life” jazz greats. Moultrie’s experience in hospitality is highlighted by the way he strategically placed the music front and center. It is very reminiscent of my favorite places to visit in Chicago and Manhattan. If you want music to be the entrancing spirit of the joint then, don’t put the music in the back as an afterthought let music be your muse. Bistro On the Greens’ has live music five days a week. Mike is the Bistro’s house musician and not only does he play a mean piano, but he is a spot on crooner with a vast repertoire.

Whether you are coming for a romantic dinner for two, or out with friends, just because, or with a large party ready to celebrate birthdays the “Bistro” is a perfect dining experience. The overall layout and seating has been designed to provide a wide variety of options from cozy intimate seating, a private dining room vibe, or a more open dining feel. Additionally, there is a gorgeous, well stocked bar manned by a local favorite Kyle. The bar is located in the back of the restaurant and has a great view of the greens for those who are out for drinks and live music. John Moultrie’s brings his down home sophistication and his love of Louisiana cuisine to Northwest Indiana in a way that very few entrepreneurs could. Do not be surprised when John comes to your table to make sure that you are content and are well cared for. It is his down home charm that really sets Bistro On the Greens apart from other restaurants.
What do I look for when I am out for a special evening and what makes a venue go from a place to eat to a place to remember? It is: 1) lighting, 2) music, 3) personable service 4) timing of food delivery 5) well crafted cocktails and fine wine 6) willingness to make the event special 7) food quality, variety and most importantly 8) an owner that lets me and my party know that our being there is all that matters. Bistro On the Greens earns 8 stars! Now onto the food!
Moultrie’s desire to share his Grandmother’s authentic recipes is at the heart of his menu. You will find all the traditional NOLA favorites like fried green tomatoes, alligator nuggets, jambalaya, gumbo, to ribeye steaks, hand packed hamburgers, salads, flatbread pizzas and more. Everyone in our party was well-pleased with their entrees. I enjoyed fried chicken breasts with greens (superbly done) smashed sweet potatoes and a cheese biscuit along with an appetizer of fried green tomatoes. Sadly there was no room for dessert, that will have to wait until next time.

Bistro On the Greens easy to get to and whether you live in the immediate area, including, Michiana, NWI, or are looking for a get away from Chicagoland, Bistro On the Greens is a must and well worth the drive!

Stop in and tell John that ArtSees Diner, aka, Mary E., sent you.

ADDRESS 299 West Johnson Road La Porte, IN 46350 CONTACT (219) 575-7272 BUSINESS HOURS (central) S-F 11:00 am - 9:00 pm Sa 11:00 am - 10:00 pm