Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to Be Guaranteed a Booth By the Window! Follow ArtSees Diner!

There are so many ways that you can be a really "Kool Kid!" and secure your favorite booth by the window! First of all you can go to ArtSeesDiner.com and Click the pic You can go to our online radio show page,and participate in our QOW, Question of the Week contest. Email your responses to artseesdiner@gmail.com This will secure your reservation as an ArtSees Diner preferred guest, guaranteeing you a booth by the window! You could always stop in during a live episode of the ArtSees Diner online radio show. You wanna chat from your booth? Well, there are two ways to "chat" with "The Chef," or "Host!" The first of which is to call the live call-in number at +1 (646) 595-4630 (you can call this number to simply LISTEN to the show, OR to interact with the host and guests). The other is to take advantage of the little "skype" icon and use skype. (To use skype, make sure you have a skype accoount.) AFTER the show begins, you will see a Skype icon appear next to the call-in number. If you do NOT see the Skype icon during the live broadcast, and you ARE signed in to BOTH Skype and your free BlogTalkRadio account, then REFRESH your browser and the Skype icon should appear. Sign up for a FREE LISTENER MEMBERSHIP at BlogTalkRadio.com Follow the directions beginning with clicking on Follow On your computer or wireless device, make sure you are signed into both Skype and your free BlogTalkRadio listener account. Go to the show page of a particular live broadcast of ArtSeesDiner All upcoming live broadcasts are listed at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ArtSeesDiner. If you are still a little unclear how to follow, just click the link! RIGHT THIS WAY YOUR TABLE IS WAITING! Marilyn knows!

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