Friday, May 24, 2013

Se sirve a mejor amigo, en Michigan City en El Bracero!

Yes, it is always served up best at El Bracero located just north of 80/94 on 421, or also known as Franklin St. El Bracero is a chain of restaurants located throughout the North West Indiana corridor, but, this particular one is the best hand's down! Just south of rt. 20 it is a favorito of mine and Steve's. In particular the staff makes it a pleasure to stop in often. We are always greeted, with "how many, 2 amigos?" Yes, we say and they escort us to the table, with full smiles, and a desire to serve us well. We have become friends, part of the family there. We are guaranteed that the food will always be served hot and FAST! While we wait, the chips are delivered along with one of the best salsa's there is anywhere! Not super chunky, but the perfect authentic blend of all the right spices and vegetables to make is muy bueno! Steve's favorite is without question, chileguiles. It is a blend of beef stew meat seasoned and cooked until tender. Then it is served over chips, with a wonderful red gravy and topped with red onions, green pepper rings and topped with chihuahua cheese. Served up right with lettuce, pico de gallo and guacamole. The rice on the side is one of the best Mexican rice that either of us have had. As for me I vacillate between combination fajitas, chileguiles, and recently I have come to love their chile rellenos. Whatever your favorite Mexican dish, El Bracero will serve it hot, fresh, fast, and with a smile ensuring that you indeed feel like you belong there and are the most important person in the establishment! El Bracero 4100 Franklin St Michigan City, IN 46360 Oh and a word to the wise! If you are visiting Michigan City or new to the area, do not listen to the locals. They will direct you to Hacienda, and let me tell you, (we are transplants now living and working Michigan City) their food is over priced, the chips are not good, the salsa is like tomato sauce straight from a can, with no spice whatsoever, and it is not authentico! Steer clear of Hacienda!

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