Thursday, May 23, 2013

Exotic In the Heart of Michigan City ~ Sahara Mediterranean Restaurant

Sahara's is located at 1701 N. Franklin Street in a quaint corner building on the main street of Michigan City. As you approach the building you suddenly forget you are in a middle-sized town miles away from the heartbeat of Chicago. You know you are not in the depth of Manhattan, yet, you feel in that moment as you approach the sidewalk tables and open-air dining that you are among someone who get's quality, who understands the metropolitan flavor of Manhattan. Who understands how to transform his meager surroundings into a luxurious trip to somewhere else. Having spent time in Lincoln Park neighborhood in Chicago and enjoying the variety and bustle of Manhattan, it is a joy to be able to enter into familiarity every week as Steve and I are regulars at Moe Mroueh's establishment. You know upon walking in that there is a very good chance that Moe will greet you personally. Why? Because every person that supports Sahara's is important. This is also evident when you share you love of his food, and especially when "Momma" is visiting from Lebanon and she takes over in the kitchen. Pride exudes from every pore when you approach Moe. The food is high quality, reasonably priced, and the atmosphere at Sahara's is rich with tradition, color, and clean simplicity. So the next time you are looking for a wonderful day trip to the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan by way of Michigan City, then make sure you set aside time for an exotic trip to the Mediterranean by way of Sahara's! Tell Moe, ArtSeesDiner or Mary E. sent you. Then let me know if he smiles. Oh, my favorite? The avocado salad, and hummus, of course (traditional style, it may be an aphrodisiac!) Did I mention the Belly Dancers, or the Fire Dancers? Yes, Moe does it all! Located at 1701 N. FRANKLIN MICHIGAN CITY, IN USA 219-871-1223

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