Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chicago Food Blogger, What a Great Connection!

ArtSees Diner is delighted to be connected with the Chicago Food Blogger! ArtSees Diner is an online virtual diner, where we have joined together musicians and artists for 5 years. We are located in Chicagoland, specifically Michigan City, Indiana. I look forward to bringing a perspective that is looking out across the lake. Recently I added, "The Voice of the Diner" which is our blogtalkradio show. The radio show is growing in listeners at a remarkable rate. This was originally attempted back in 2010, but, going back to school and a limited time commitment, kept me focused on keeping the online presence alive. February 18, 2013 I launched the radio show again, with a feature "Flower and Stone Book Launch." Flower and Stone is a collection of poetry and short stories, written by me and published in February of this year. I wanted to articulate what the collection was about, read a little poetry and I was shocked to have received over 1,000 listeners. Since February 18th, the radio show and the online magazine has grown. At last check we were within close reach of 22,000 listens. We now have six new programs a week, with some weeks sporting 7 new programs. We are interviewing and featuring musicians from all around the world. Daily we pick up new musicians to feature as our Blue Plate Specials. Proudly, The Ladies of the Diner, co-host "Whine and Cheese, It's Merlot Time" where the focus is Wine, Women, Song, and of course, Whines! is always looking for new musicians, artists, writers, thinkers and we would love to begin focusing more on food! If it is considered and ART, then we are in fact interested. Stop in and say hello! Tell em' The Chef sent you! I am sure we can get you priority seating. Whine and Cheese blog Tomorrow I bring you into the exotic world of Sahara! Stay Tuned!

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