Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Growing in Strength Takes Loyalty

Building a network one brick at a time can be very tedious! But, I remember the story of the man who asked the Lord what he could do to build HIS kingdom. The Lord told the man to "go out into the field and begin pushing the huge boulder." Every day the man did as the Lord instructed. Day after day, the boulder would not be moved. Distressed and frustrated, feeling like a failure the man fell to his knees and began to weep. He called out to the Lord in frustration and said, "I am a failure Lord, I have tried everything to move the boulder! I failed you, and myself Lord, I am so sorry!" The Lord descended HIS love like a sweet fragrance upon the man and said, "no, you are wrong, you did not fail. You did exactly as I instructed. You went out every day and pushed that boulder. Now, look at yourself, you are strong, a tower of strength, commitment and loyal. Now my son, you are ready. I did not ask you to move the boulder, merely grow strong. Go now and walk around the boulder and see what I have prepared for you!" I remain loyal to ArtSees Diner and ArtSees Producations. I began this little network 5 years ago and have sometimes not pushed the "boulder" as much one day as another, but ArtSees has taken on a life of her own. I am Mary E. LaLuna, and I work for ArtSees Diner.I protect her, promote her, while I am ArtSeesDiner.com, I am not. It is in my fondest heart's desire that ArtSees Diner be Blessed by the sweet fragrance of the Lord.

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