Monday, May 13, 2013

On Becoming and ArtSees Diner Radio Network Follower, aka ADRN Groupie!

Want to become an ArtSees Diner Radio Network follower, aka "ADRN_Groupie?" Want to be one of our remote reporters? Want to be an official member of the Diner club? Then become an official follower! We love when you call into our shows! It is easy! We are global, so during our live shows, you too can be a part of our ADRN Party! Here is how you can be one of our favorites! Become more involved by going to and sign up for a free listener membership. Then go to the ArtSees Diner Radio Network and be certain to follow us If you are not calling from the USA, then you can reach us through SKYPE! Just click on the skype icon when the show is live. If you want to call in using a land line or cell, then call (646) 595-4620 our country code is +1 We want to talk with you, so you can be one of our remote reporters! You can become one of the Ladies of the Diner (gentlemen welcome too) Don't forget to visit the Mother Ship!

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