Monday, May 13, 2013

There Snow Business like Snow Biz!

Today I turned a corner, not only did I actually make it around the block 2 times, but, I did it with little stopping. Okay, so I still had my crutches, I did it! The worst is behind me! It has been a long 6 months, but, in so many ways, it has not been a wasted six months. I keep moving forward! That is the beauty in being ME! But, there is a benefit to staying still too. Today I sat still and listened and I learned! Today something else wonderful happened! I was able to spend time on the phone with an outstanding blogtalkradio personality, Nicholas Snow. Nicholas shared his insight and coached me on ways to make my radio show page better. He also got my ArtSees Diner vision, and expounded on the whole idea. Gaining support by someone like Nicholas was a major boost to my drive and desire to see ArtSees Diner become a household name. I was motivated by a leader in the blogtalkradio world! Nicholas Snow, the blogtalkradio leading show host spent almost an hour with me on the phone. He is amazing and he gave me outstanding advice, which I quickly put into action. Maybe, just maybe a year from now, I will be writing about the fact that I hit 1 million listeners like he recently did! I raise my ArtSees Diner mug to you sir and say "All best and here is to another million!" RIGHT THIS WAY YOUR TABLE'S WAITING! By the Way, please stop by SnowBizNow and support his wonderful causes, and sponsors! The Power To Be Strong! ‘The Power To Be Strong’ song and music video campaign has been created to reach millions of people around the world about the importance of voluntary HIV counseling & testing and increased adherence to safer sex, and to empower the valiant efforts of any organization or individual participating anywhere in the battle against HIV/AIDS.” …Nicholas Snow, Singer/Songwriter

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