Friday, May 10, 2013

Abercrombie and Fitch Responds to CEO Michael Jeffries - Buddy You are too Ugly to Shop Here!

Yes, it is true, based upon the new mandate by CEO Michael Jeffries, unbeknownst to a new, young, thin, beautiful security guard at the famed retail store's New York City location, CEO, Michael Jeffries was asked  to leave the store. Mr Jeffries began to become visibly upset when he was asked to leave. The very attractive, while emaciated modelesque security guard leaned into Mr. Jeffries and whispered, "sir, I am sorry but based upon our new policy, you cannot shop here. You see sir, you are not pretty enough, you are way too old, and Eeeew, it is just too creepy to have an old dude shopping with all the young beautiful people. Sir, you are going to have to leave. Sears is down around the corner."

Imagine the dismay and the skuttle-butt that occurred?

While this is not a true occurrence, in the real world, it could be and should me. Between CEO's such as Marissa Mayer sweeping in and losing site of the what Yahoo is about, Michael Jeffries lack of sensitivity training and isolating the majority of the world, CEO Ursula Burns listing that one of the top thing women should do to get ahead is marry an older, successful man, and IBM following in the pattern of all the other IT, organizations and establishing an average work age of being 30 years of age, the lack of insight, discrimination, short-shortsightedness, and lack of wisdom, one must wonder what they really hope to gain in all of this? Is there more money in isolating the majority? Is there something gained when ignorance is at the helm of the organization?

In short, I cannot help but believe that we are increasingly becoming a valueless society and all sensibilities are vanishing at the speed of a super computer.

Thin and Beautiful

" Jeffries is considered to have been the main creator of the new look for the company, saying that he wanted A&F to "sizzle with sex".[2]" Whether it is Jeffries obsession with youth, accusations of questionable use of under the age of 18 year old models, or this newest blunder. I sure hope that the majority of the people who once shopped at A/F teach this old man a lesson. 

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