Friday, June 20, 2014

New Zealand Conquers Chicago's Wine Scene With "Complexity"

"Up on the roof" was the song that was swimming through my head as my sister Marissa Rapier and I joined the Complexity crew. It was a glorious Sunday (June 9) at Wrigleyville, Chicago. The NZ sips Chicago wine event was held atop the Brixen Ivy considered one of Wrigley's Rooftop establishments. Imagine walking in to a naturally lit room overlooking Wrigley Field surrounded by winemakers from New Zealand, Kiwi accents filling the room, beautiful wine bottles carefully displayed for our impending pleasure. Imagine the excitement of the first pitch. The streets below quickly filling with Chicago Cub fans. Their excitement rose up to blend with the joy that was filling the room and was only equal to the first pour by Rudi Bauer as he carefully poured Quartz Reef Methode Traditionelle non Vintage, Central Otago into our glasses like a papa handing off his first born!

I invite you to listen to my audio blog, a celebration of New Zealand and the Complexity crew. Then go to your local wine shops, vendors, and restaurants and ask that they begin to offer New Zealand wines. Truly a sensory experience you won't soon forget!

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