Friday, June 20, 2014

It's Vegas, Baby!

While not literally the deal of the century, one can't help but feel a trip to "It's Vegas, Baby!" (at Blue Chip Casino, Michigan City, Indiana) for their Thursday night "Vegas Italiano" to be a reasonable facsimile. $12.99 fetches you soup, salad, bread, a choice of pasta/sauce, and dessert. Great wine is available for as little as $14.99 a bottle. You can add protein to the pasta for a little more, but there's really no need given the side of the pasta portions. The bolognese sauce I ordered came with plenty of meat to satisfy my Paleolithic urges.

The ambience is pleasantly subdued: lights down, a sense that library level conversation is appropriate. The dining area is surrounded by TV screens displaying a fascinating, long-playing tribute to Las Vegas, which educates even as it entertains.

Last night's staff seemed just a bit beneath the challenge of the above average crowd in attendance. Indeed, we'd grown accustomed to practically having the place to ourselves. But word has apparently gotten out, and those days are over, so you best make a reservation. Given the Boyd Corporation's dedication to excellence, I have every reason to believe last night's service struggles were merely an aberration in the face of unanticipated turn out. Still, the food was easily worth the wait.

We didn't have time to stay for the regular Thursday night "dueling pianos" show, but we've heard it's fantastic.

All in all, this is must try experience. And don't forget the dessert is coming, or like me your lust for the fantastic pasta and sauce will have you filled beyond capacity!

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