Saturday, June 21, 2014

South Bend Chocolate Cafe in downtown Mishawaka, Indiana

Mary and I had a wonderful time performing at South Bend Chocolate Cafe in downtown Mishawaka, Indiana last night. The steady stream of customers indicated quality cuisine. The employees where cheerful, responsive, and easy on the optic nerve.

The real icing on the cake of our experience was the carryout food that was part of our compensation, greedily devoured in the car on the way home. I can say without reservation that my ham and cheese sandwich was easily the best I've ever had out. The ham was obviously real ham as opposed to lunch meat ham. It was perfectly balanced by a fine, expertly melted cheese. Though it was too dark in the car to see what I was inhaling, my tongue relished the slightly toasted and buttered bread, which was no ordinary bread at that.

Google maps tells me we're 43.1 miles from 117 S Main St. in Mishawaka, Indiana. My taste buds tell me there ain't no 43.1 miles high enough to keep me from enjoying another fabulous sandwich there.

And to think that we didn't even get to the chocolate itself! Do make haste!

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  1. I was able to taste the chocolate and I left wishing I could have treated myself to some of the double dipped peanuts that were being sampled out. The staff was very kind and get this, they stood behind their product and were actually excited about preparing the said, amazing sandwiches! There was great joy, and pride throughout the place.