Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's Vegas Baby, Viva Italia!

Champagne and LaLuna took a walk on the Italian side of this acoustic duet. Tonight in place of our traditional wedge salad at William B's which is outstanding BTW, we tried out the Italian night at "It's Vegas Baby" lounge. Typically this restaurant caters to what appears to be the younger set, or those looking for some single-like action. The promotional genius of Boyd Gaming and Blue Chip Casino, Michigan City, knew what they were doing in transforming the casino's hot spot in to a warm and cozy Italian Village flair. From the quaint red checked table clothes, to the "Rat Pack" stylings of Dean, Frank, Rosemary and the gang. To add to the charm, the video display treated us to images of Vegas and the days of glitz and glam that can only be found east of Hollywood in the heart of the desert.

Before getting into the food, I have to applaud our waitress, Andrea. She was not only glamorous,but, exactly what I would expect from a high end Vegas establishment. Lei e molto bella! She was graceful, attentive, and did I mention Showgirl Glamorous? She was lovely. Now on to the food.

For a modest price of $12.95 you receive your choice of zuppa, minestrone or pasta fagioli. Insalata of your choice, either house tossed or Cesaer. I recommend the tossed, with field greens, cucumber, tomatoes and onion, a pani basket with herb/olive oil and balsamic drizzle, your choice of pasta tossed with sauce of choice and for a modest additional price you can add a carne (protein). All of this is followed up with either spumoni ice cream or a cannoli.

Do not forget to treat yourself to a wonderful glass or for the price go for the bottle of vino! We enjoyed a wonderful red, pictured at the beginning of this article. We will be back again, and next time, we will arrive a little later, so that we can hang around and enjoy the Dueling Pianos right out of Howl At the Moon in Chicago. Whether it is Vegas Baby in the dessert realm, or Vegas baby of the Chicagoland variety, Boyd Gaming knows how to do it right!


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