Friday, June 7, 2013

Voices From Behind the Veil

Voices From Behind the Veil
 by Mary E. Rapier-LaLuna

Touch me you will see that I am real as you,
I feel
Caress me you will feel flesh beneath your hands,
 like you
Do not be afraid,
as I have fear enough for all the world and more
I hurt when I am forced to be,
to wear to share, as I don't care
So often I grow tired of playing all the games 
when the rules I do not grasp
Scared is what I feel
when other speak of games that I can't share,
 I can't
When you put on your little dresses
It's pants that fit me best
When you dream of girls' caresses
its boys that I want felt
I hurt so bad you see,
I am just like you
But I am me.
 I cry, I cower, I fear
that I will never be loved like you are
Oh God when will I be free,
free to dance in “point” And spin and freely fly my hair,
admit that I am aware
 that I am not the man you think I should be
 I fly, I soar, I climb up high on ladders to the top
I dream as dreamers dream.
Not like other girls I scream
I hide in shame behind the boys,
I wish that I could be as they, and hold your hand,
I am the girl I want you to long to see.
We hide behind the veils of rules
that do not fit our claim to life and love and liberty.
Feel my pain and you shall see
that I am just like you But I am me.

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