Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Key of Love

5 years ago I set out to create a virtual diner. My overall vision was to create a place where musicians, artists, lovers, dreamers, believers, thinkers, philosophers, and just everyday people would come together in a "Third Place" as research and defined by Oldenburg. I myself had decided over 20 years ago what ArtSees would be and by definition it would be a "third place." Because I have never been financially capable of establishing a brick and mortar "third place," I settled upon a virtual Diner. And so it goes, I did and it has been a passion for many years. The mantra remains the same; "Changing the world, One Song at a time, One heart at a time." I had no idea how hungry people really are. No matter what social networking giants we create, there will always be people who will remain unheard as they are silenced out by the crowd of corporate enterprise. They will be silenced, disenfranchised, overlooked and undervalued. Not because they are not genius, amazing, talented beyond belief, but, because we put upon people the need to function the 9 to 5 reality. My vision is to create a place where anyone that wants to be heard will get their chance to be heard. I am ME, Mary E., and I have a dream. My dream is to sing my heart song. As I have grown older I may not be able to sing a high B-flat anymore, but, I am still singing and as I was reminded yesterday by Melanie Safka, after I looked up the singer of one of my favorite songs to sing when I am feeling like a little girl! I am just singing it in a new key. I am not getting Older! I am singing in a new key and that key is the key of LOVE! Join me at the ArtSees Diner table!

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