Saturday, December 5, 2009

December 5, a simple Saturday satisfies said soul...

Seriously, it does. Sleeping in, let's go beyond the sleeping in, sleeping straight through the night is sublime. I cannot tell you when the last time was that I slept so soundly through the night as I did last night. I am sure it had something to do with the fact that I worked the entire week at a pace that no woman over the age of forty should have to, not to mention that I was as sick as a dog with a sinus infection the entire week. I am still sneezing, and blowing today!
After waking up at 8:20a.m., (yes, you read correctly, 8:20) I slowly readied myself for a day filled with relaxation, exploration, and gastronomic achievement. Steve, my Saturday partner in crime, announced that he had been waiting for me to wakeup, as he had a hankering for the Blue Plate french toast. The Blue Plate Diner is a favorite of ours. It is located in Lakeside Michigan straight up the Red Arrow Highway from New Buffalo Michigan. The food is wonderful, especially their caramel french toast, and the OOOhla omelete, with tomatoes, tarrogon and goat cheese. This place is so wonderful even their toast and jam is a gourmet delight. Anyway, it was decided, by the baton waiving partner of mine that we would be going soon.
We journeyed towards the east by northeast. The food was as predicted, amazing. Following brunch we traveled further north to St. Joseph, MI and through Benton Harbor. Spending the afternoon looking through a little antique shop called, Days of Yore left us relaxed and discussing how quickly time passes. It is all quite sad really, so much of the old and the simple was traded in for what was seemingly an improvement, but from what I can see, little has been improved. The current architecture is sterile, empty, cookie-cutterish, while the grandeur of the older buildings in Benton Harbor stand empty, neglected, calling out to better days. It was then that I realized that my own memory of the past, past Christmases, my mother, my playmates from childhood are fading from my memory. It was then that I realized the day would come, when memories of me too would be faded, and would be much like the old building we passed by today, fading, neglected and calling out to better days, hanging on by a thin hair of memory. By the time I was done lamenting over this reality of my contribution to the big picture, I sighed, and was satisfied that I am loved, and known. I try daily to contribute to something, to someone, and just be glad to be making memories.
Our journey back into Michigan City was filled with discussion of life, God, and the decision to keep it as simple as possible this holiday season. We settled back into our day, Steve did his thing, and me, I went on to Aldi's (I like to keep it simple, even Aldi's is a little too large for me). It was time to get groceries, time to restock the shelves following a wonderful Thanksgiving week. The grocery cart was filled with goodies. It brings me great joy to feed those that I love. To see the man that I love satisfied through my gastronomic achievement brings about glorious fulfillment.
Saturday was brought to an end with a round of simple songs. Waking up to the one you love, feeding each other's spirit, exploring days of yore, careening along life's highway, preparing feasts of fancy, singing simple songs of love and longing, and knowing, just knowing that today you are loved, simply satisfies, said soul...

“Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear music.” – Angela Monet

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