Thursday, December 3, 2009

December 3rd, it snowed, well a little bit...

This morning started out a little cold, and grey, and by the time I walked out of Elston Middle School at 3:35, it was snowing. Okay, flurrying, but all the same, the first snow flake. That snow flake was greeted with great excitement and anticipation. My first response was to quickly text message my daughters and proclaim that I saw it, I saw the first snow flake of the year. Right here in Michigan City! My text's were returned with even more excitement! You see we LaLuna women get overjoyed at the idea of missed school, staying home and getting cozy, making almond moo's, homemade cookies, and just remaining in warm pajama bottoms all day long. It is glorious to see that the things I started with them when they were babies is continuing on. Each one of them has their own traditions that have grown out of our traditions. Snow days would be days filled with giggles, cooking, and shear fun!
By the time I got home today from running a few errands, I could see a white dusting on my neighbors black shingled roof. The wind was howling in from the north. I was waiting for Steve to come home, so that I could share with him my excitement. After his arrival we went out for a bite to eat at a new restaurant, (well, new for us) called Hammers, a fun little place, actually very nice, with a fantastic wait staff. True Michigan City hospitality if you ask me.
Well, by the time we left the restaurant, the temperature dropped, the wind picked up, and in an instance, Steve and I were scrambling for the car. We had forgotten how darned cold Michigan City is! through our chattering teeth, our silly giggles, we asked ourselves, "now why did we move to MC?" The romantic aspect of winter died down real fast as we realized we had about 4.5 months of extreme cold to get through, and probably more snow than anyone person really wants.
Aww well, no matter how you slice it, there is excitement in the first snow flake, there will be in every potential snow day from here until May, and it reminds us what this time of year means. It means Christmas, the birth of our Lord, well, my Lord. It is about family, love, sharing, caring, and renewal. Maybe that is what it is, snow is nature's way of putting a brand new coat of purity on everything that it touches. "And I will wash you clean as snow" Isaiah 1:18

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