Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December 2nd, Is it going to SNOW?

I think if I could sum up the question of the day that would be it. I have spent most of my day thinking, writing, teaching, doing all the same ole stuff. I created a new zmag, a Christmas one, titled lovingly Christmas at ArtSees. Stop by, in fact, drop by and give me your favorite Christmas memory, poem, story, picture, song, or maybe just you.
Okay, sorry, I digress... I made a shepherds pie, a cherry cheesecake, watched a strange Orson Welles movie, titled, "F for Fake" did a few other things, and well, I dream of snow...

On my way home from work today, the sky was beginning to darken a little earlier than usual. The clouds were not just floating in, by moving in in a very irratic fashion. Winter's chill was settling in. Nightfall came much earlier tonight and with it, a longing to be snuggled in with no sounds outside except for the sound of a freshly fallen snow. I look forward to looking out my window, gazing across the street at the tree covered hill topped off with snow.
As I type this, I can hear the waves building, (it is amazing, we are 2500ft. from Lake Michigan and the sound of the waves can be heard inside of our house) the wind is blowing, I believe I hear rain tapping on my windows. For this dreamer, I am dreaming of a white December 3rd. Maybe, just maybe, there will be a late start tomorrow, or better yet, our first snow day!

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