Sunday, December 13, 2009

December 13...See the power in the manger...

Passionate Sunset, that is the name of the my most recent watercolor. You see it has been a long held desire to capture the colors or the sky, the sea, the world around me. It is a labor of love if nothing else. This is based on a photo that was taken two summers ago. Sunsets are timeless, the sun will rise, and it will set. The power found in Lake Michigan is unmatched with the power of the sunset. The color, the radiance. The human eye can see the color, hear the roar of the waves, feel the power of the wind upon the face. If I were a blind woman, I would not see the sunset, yet, I would know that it exist, you see it would exist if I trust the seer next to me who described it to me. They would tell of the color, the power, the vibrancy, they would share with me, that the warmth I felt on my face was from the warmth of the sun. The glow that was reflected off of my face could be witnessed from on lookers, even if I was unable to see it, those gazing upon me, could see what I was unable to see. If I was deaf, I would not hear the roar of the waves, yet, I could sense the vibration. Others would explain that the sound was almost deafening, yet, it would not mean anything to me, as my existence is that of deafened sound. Sound would be a non-reality. So it is with faith.
You see, just as a blind man, cannot disprove or prove that which is seen by other, so it is that non-believers cannot disprove, nor can they prove the existence of God. Science cannot prove, or disprove. God defies logic, therefore, science cannot relate. For over 2,000 years man has bot been able to disprove Jesus Christ. Faith has grown. In over 4, 000 years man has been unable to disprove Abraham and Moses. Attempts fail over and over again. You see there is power in the manger.

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