Saturday, December 12, 2009

December 12th...Santa lives in Kankakee!

It is true, I have come to this conclusion after 49 years of witnessing Christmas, and pondering the true existence of the fat man in the jolly red suit! Santa lives in Kankakee Illinois, United States of America. Now, I am sure beyond belief that many of you will heartedly disagree. But, rest assured, not only do I know what I am talking about, I have 49 years worth of evidence.

This very day as I was putting together a new recording of Christmas songs, and a reading or two, it hit me. Suddenly stories that I had read in the past to my children, students, and to myself were falling flat. "where in the world is my Christmas spirit that stories that use to fill my eyes with tears were now so trite, so flat, so unemotive?" It was then that it dawned on me. They were in fact far too cliche. It was then that I recalled the last time I had a true Santa moment. Evidence that Santa lives in Kankakee? The last Santa moment was in Kankakee.

I came to realize when I was a little girl that Santa did not exist, well, that is what my girlfriend's mother would try to make me believe. IT is sad, for as you stop believing, it does stop existing. We can make things disappear you know simply, by no longer believing in them. This is science ya' know.

I was so sad that year, what would I do, how could I go forth into another Christmas without the Santa spirit. It was upon discussing this problem with my Mom that she told me "as long as you believe, Santa will come." She was wise, and so it goes, that I have held that belief.

I moved away from Kankakee in the summer of 05' after living there for almost 45 years. I was born and raised there, raised my children there. I was for financial, post-marital, and professional reasons forced out of my home.

I swear since I have moved away from Kankakee, I have no longer had my yearly encounters with the jolly old elf. Seriously, every Christmas by the 23rd of December, I would have an encounter, that would convince me that he indeed still exist. Well, it is now the 12th of December 2009 and I have not really had that special kind of encounter. It does not exist anywhere else in the world, so therefore, Santa must in fact reside in Kankakee Illinois.

I remember all too well, the year there was no Santa..., I could simply say, "well ME, it is time for you to grow up and walk away from childhood fantasies" or, I could simply say, "ME, it is time for you to believe again."

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