Monday, December 14, 2009

December 14th...just another day...

It is/soon to be a was just another day. Waking up this morning, was not a pleasant experience. I was in a fog. I didn't want to get up. Mornings are hard enough for me, normally. I like to take my time, slowly wake up. I resent being rushed in the morning. I despise it. The perfect job for me would be one where I do not have to arrive until at least 9a.m. So what do I do? I get a job as a teacher, and my day begins at 7:15a.m. That all means that I have to awaken by 5:45 just so that I can get my keester out of the door in time to arrive by 7:15. The problem is that I do not get my nice slow pace. In order to do that I would have to be up by 4am! That is never going to happen. My bio-rhythms just will not allow for that. Seriously, I have been this way from the time I was a little girl. Me and mornings are just not friends. The perfect schedule is one where I wake up, when I wake up. No alarm clock, the natural way. If I was allowed to do that, I would wake up naturally at about 6:30. So, you see that would allow for a nice slow pace in the morning, with still enough time to get ready for work, and arrive on time.
But, today was just another day, and I woke up at 5:30, slowly stretched, made my coffee, showered, dressed, and ended up racing for school. The dress I chose, well, it was a little shorter then I remembered, so instead of a carefully layed out plan, I had to do a quick change, which made me rush all the more. Sometimes best layed plans are best layed aside. So, for Me it was just another day. Has anyone seen Santa?

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