Thursday, November 20, 2014

Jackie's Cafe, Saturday Morning Splendor!

For me Saturday mornings are the "treat ME right," kinda morning. Traditionally Saturday mornings have been the one morning where laziness rules the roost. When there are little to no plans and therefore making plans on a spontaneous whim is aprapo. It all began when I was a child. Getting up and going to school was never my thing. Saturday meant, you don't have to go anywhere! Then as a young mother and Saturday was the first day after a 5 day work week. It was when my sisters would come over or someone else was there to help me get the babies ready. It was the one morning when a "true breakfast" was made and enjoyed. When coffee was slowly sipped. The tradition has continued. There is nothing like a Saturday morning.

This particular Saturday I woke up with a mission in mind. I was not going to cook, make coffee or putz around the house in my robe. Rather, I was setting out to find the perfect place to make me feel like royalty for the morning. It had been a long, exhausting week. I requested Steve's presence, but, he had some writing on his mind. So, well then, I will go it alone! I had my sights set on a nice little cafe we had stopped at during the summer months. The place; Jackie's Cafe, The mission; Experience the best!

I do not mind going it alone. I have done it many times in my life and I have found that I gain clarity, I am expressive, comfortable, at home with myself. I don't make it a habit, but, it isn't bad either. So, why was Jackie's a good place for going it alone? Because it feels like you are in a breakfast room of a cozy house, that's why. My server was very attentive, friendly and took the time to talk to me about her favorite breakfast dish. I took her advice. She was right! I enjoyed Egg's Benito. Poached eggs served on top of jalapeno corn bread with a slice of ham and topped with jalapeno cheese sauce. Delicious! It is a bit spicy, but, no complaints here. I ate half and brought the other half home for Steve. He also enjoyed it. The corn bread in particular was the best I have ever eaten out. Brava!

Following my meal I had a bit of a conversation with my server about the catering end of the business as well as the "back door bakery." Her exuberance about the place and passion for Jackie came very natural. There is something about being served by someone who really believes in the chef and the nature of the restaurant. How could I possibly resist such enthusiasm?

Around to the back door I went. It reminded me of an old time movie where the children would go out back and sneak a cookie before dinner. The bakery is small, quaint, but filled with sunshine and glorious aroma's of fresh baked, sweet treats. It was only a few seconds before Jackie made her way from the kitchen to welcome me. She moved from behind the bakery case to speak to me face to face on the "patron" side of the case. That immediately struck me as true hospitality. No wonder why the service was so wonderful, Jackie is wonderful! She took the time to tell me a little about her history, background and how she came to New Buffalo Michigan. Within a few moments of explaining why I was out on a Saturday morning brought about a very friendly exchange over sweet treats. She made a "goodie" box up for Steve so that he would know exactly what he missed. She even called him by name after I had only mentioned it once.

Jackie Shen and Jackie's Cafe receives 5 gold Saturday morning smiles for food quality, atmosphere, good service, going the extra mile and for representing what true hospitality is all about! Mission accomplished! I experienced the best!

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  1. AN update! I took Steve and two of our family members to Jackie's Cafe yesterday, 5/2/2015 and we had yet another amazing brunch. We stopped at the bakery around back and enjoyed her famous truffles as well as the BEST strawberry, rhubarb squares every created!