Thursday, June 26, 2014

Music for Good and TeamRissa A Musical Celebration of Love and Life!

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A great night of music! A.J. Croce, Gregory Abbott, Shun Kikuta, BoPoMoFo, Tombstone Bullet Band, Leilah, Michelle Qureshi, William Rottman, Matt Williams, Josey Milner, Doug Briney, Jiggley Jones, Xander Demos, T Dawn, Ed Roman, Hicks, Marshall Dane, Amy Rose and Champagne and LaLuna, The music was generously donated by these musicians for this event! Thank you for the healing power of music!

Special Thanks to Michael Stover and Steve Champagne.

Donate and know that every dollar will go to make this journey a little easier on Marissa and her son. Thank you for stopping by!

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