Thursday, June 26, 2014

It's Vegas Baby, revisited

Well, the difference a week or two makes.

I know it's probably not fair to be comparing William B's to It's Vegas Baby. After all, William B's is essentially as good as it gets. The staff is beyond expectation from top to bottom, the top being Patrick Cullars, the bottom... well, there truly is no bottom. The staff reflects and clearly respects Patrick's vision. There's no discontinuity between portrayal and enactment. Our latest experience was guided by the 17 year veteran Katherine, a consummate professional, whose admission of 17 years of devotion to impeccable service suggested she began her tenure as roughly a 13-year-old, which of course couldn't possibly be. I'm just trying to do the math backwards from her youthful appearance and demeanor.

Anyway, back to It's Vegas Baby.

I'm not sure exactly what happened at the front desk, but despite having made a reservation, others who hadn't made reservations were admitted before us, despite our standing right out front in clear view. Not sure if that sounds like a typical snafu to you, but it felt that way to us. And despite having made that reservation merely 15 minutes in advance, the hostess still needed to ask my name, which is a rather easy name to remember for most people ("Champagne").

After that, we had excellent service from Andrea, who has impressed us before. But it seemed a bit odd to hear that the wine we ordered - a staple on the menu - wasn't available because "it still hasn't been loaded off the truck". Um... really? So we said we'd wait for that unloading to take place. But it wasn't available in the 15 minutes wait time projected, and there was no attempt to coax us into an alternative for the same price, so we bailed on that portion of our order.

As usual, the food was great, and the portions generous. But you know how it is when you feel like the theme from "Twilight Zone" should be playing? That's how the experience played out. Perhaps Rod Serling would have felt at home, but we felt as though we were extras in a B movie.

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  1. I would like to add that last week the Travenello Rosso was not available so it seems as an alternative was served without explanation or permission by us, it was merely served, very unusual. It was tasty and acceptable, so we didn't really complain, merely asked as we wanted to make sure that a $60 bottle wasn't served by accident. Now back to was at the 25 minute mark, that we shared that too much time had passed and to forget the wine. A simple, "oh, okay and a look of relief that we were letting the unpreparedness off the hook." I am still shocked that there was no suggestion that maybe we would like a different red to go with our meal, or at least a glass while we wait. After all, alcohol increases the tab significantly, and good service keeps us coming back for more. Just ask the people at William B's. I believe the motto is "the answer is yes!" :D