Sunday, June 2, 2013

We Are What We Eat!

What is it about the Body and blood of Christ that is so important? Why was He insistent upon us eating and drinking in his presence and why did He call upon those who believe in him to share bread, and pass the cup? Why is that the act of eating, breaking bread and passing a cup the central part of so many religious expressions? Anthropologically eating and drinking together is an expression of profound friendship and family. We do not sit down and eat with enemies. It is only when we accept people as they are that we are able sit down and break bread. Jesus knew of the significance of eating with sinners, strangers, the outcast and the unlovable. He promises that those who eat his flesh and drink his blood, will have eternal life. But, it is not just eternal life, but, we have a fulfilled life with the promise that the Lord accepts us at His table, as we are, and through His love and promises we grow fuller and deeper lives influenced by His Grace and Love. We are what we eat.

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