Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Patricia's Chocolates, A New ArtSees Diner Favorite

It was a wonderful Saturday. Like many Saturdays,Steve and I look forward to our drives up Red Arrow Highway. We visit either St. Joe's Michigan or South Haven. (We often times stop off at many places along the way as well) This particular day we chose St. Joseph Michigan. As we drove into town I saw the White Pine Winery Tasting Room, and it called me by name, "Mary, Mary!" I meandered in and Steve went across the street to a book store, (his favorite thing to do.) I was quickly treated like royalty by Sandy and she began to talk her wine. She is the co-owner with husband Dr. David Miller. We shared some conversation about wine, my desire to become more knowledgeable about wine, and especially regional wines. It was after sampling their amazing wine that I was introduced to Patricia's Chocolate. In particular the "Vintner's Choice" I purchased my own little treats to enjoy with my new bottle of White Pine Wine. I chose the Red Wines selection and enjoyed for a couple days nibbles of Blueberry~Tellieherry~ peppercorn Ganache, and Plum~Current Ganache, Cherry~Hibiscus Ganache, Allspice ~Balsamic Ganache, each one perfectly placed and decorated with intricate little designs. I once again felt like I was royalty!

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