Sunday, June 30, 2013

ArtSees Diner Featured Guests

Please stop by and see the newest addition, ArtSees Diner Radio Mugshots! My featured guests and contributors are affectionately known as my "Mugshots!" They are "BigShots!" At ArtSees Diner, cup size matters, and these people are amazing! Each one of them is stellar, spectacular, STARS! Long ago I dreamed of a place where each special guest would have "there special mug!" So, in keeping with all of my goals and dreams, I have established my mugshot wall of fame. Each picture has been hyper-linked to either their show, or one of their shows if they are a weekly featured host. I am beholden to each and every one of my guests. Without them, it would just be ME, and well, that is not enough for ME, nor should it be for my followers. Speaking of followers, please stop by ArtSees Diner Radio and click on follow. I would love to know who the 60,000 listeners are! Much love and thanks for being a part of the ArtSees Diner family!

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