Sunday, April 21, 2013

In Defense of Said Position...

The following excerpt is from a post, dialogue that Steve Champagne had in defense of his opinion that capitalism is a system that has failed, thereby forcing people to fight as our founding fathers fought over 2 centuries ago. I applaud his willingness to risk labeling that is not befitting a highly intelligent free thinker as he is. We must be very careful we do not become beholding to a closed minded ignorance only to maintain our piece of the pie, and forgo growth as a people, as humanity. When we do we cease to develop as human beings and as a result we succumb to such horrors as witnessed in Nazi Germany. Now for SCR's commentary:"Still, I must admit I've never given much credence to points whose defense requires uppercased words and outright declarations that they've been inadvertently made by others. I don't discount the role that handouts play in weakening human spirit and character. But I see such entitlements as pound of cure desperation measures that attempt to stave off immediate social collapse, the kind that historically follows the steep mathematical slope of disparity between the haves and the have nots that categorizes this nation. The fact is that those with more wealth have an unfair advantage when it comes to definining and/or gaming the legal and, thus, economic system, and are able to pass this advantage down to their heirs. Reality has a way of seeking balance, and unbridled capitalism leads to imbalance which blindly calls out for an equally imbalanced counterbalance, aka the pound of cure. Those busy manipulating the system have no one but themselves to blame, because biological realities cannot be cheated without consequence. The solution isn't a system. It's quality human beings. And quality human beings are not the by product of a system. They're the creation of quality human beings. No system or process can make up for the absence of quality human beings. Said another way, you can't legislate morality, or otherwise expect it to fall or seep out of anything but the hard work, discipline, and sacrifice made by quality human beings called parents, beings which, contrary to what you say, do not magically appear in the midst "self betterment .. self reliance .. and individualism". Capitalism is indeed ultimately worship of individual self, and the rampant, disastrous consequences thereof are overwhelmingly obvious (well, to anyone not lost in focus mostly on them*selves*). The reason we've wound up with more government is because we've become less human and, thus (back to the balance thing), need more externally administered goading to not collectively wind up in the ditch. Both the left and the right who keep wanting to debate systems, policy, etc. are looking in the wrong direction. In reality, there are no systems. That's all just conceptuality, modeling, re-presentation. There are only people who are either behaving in ways best for the herd, or not. When they are, the herd benefits. When they aren't, the herd suffers. The herd doesn't benefit when 1% of the herd controls 99.99% of the pasture. Imagining otherwise is better drugs than LSD. At the same time, treating everyone equally without equal effort or contribution also undermines the herd. Quality people understand the detriment of inequality of all forms to the herd, whether it's some hoarding what they don't need, or others receiving what they don't deserve. The question is, are there enough quality people left to breed and become a majority again, before the greedy fucks at the top and the lazy fucks at the bottom dry up the finite supply of human spirit and character?"

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