Saturday, April 20, 2013

And the Voice of ArtSees Diner is Being Heard Loud and Clear!

Being featured on Blog Talk Radio, definitely has its advantages. Our show which aired last night at 11pm (northwest Indiana time) has garnered over 1300 listens in only 10 hours. I expect that the numbers will continue to climb over the next 48 hours. Our shows have on averaged netted us over 125 listens per show, with a few reaching up to 1,000 listens. In only 2 months ArtSees Diner Radio, has had well, over 12,000 listens. This is remarkable. The voice of ArtSees Productions, and is truly up and running. As huge thanks to Steve Champagne, (our co-host, in house musician, and sound engineer) and Douglas C. Rapier, author of Ovoid Illinois for agreeing to be a featured guest. So much more wonderful music, discussions and just good ole' time fun is ahead of us. The 5 year anniversary of is going to be stellar!

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