Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 9...the circle of life

The text message said, "I am sitting in the Doctor's office waiting." I, of course, did not expect a text at 11a.m. this morning from my daughter Elyssa. I typically do not look at my cell at that time of the morning, but today I did. Doctor? Why is she at the Doctor, is Bella sick? Bella is my one year old granddaughter. I text back to discover, that no, no one is ill. It was already time for another ob/gyn visit. You see, I am going to be a grandmother again. Bella is going to have a little brother or sister in June. I received another text this afternoon letting me know that the baby's due date is June 29th. Somehow I knew that that would be the special date. The 29th's have a huge significance in my life. The 29th of June? Well, aside from just having a gut feeling about that date, it is also the date that my beautiful mother passed away. She will have been gone 29 years ago on that day.
Elyssa assured me that this baby would not be born on that day, as more than likely they will induce, and quite possibly, this baby would be born on the 18th or so, and could be born c-section. Regardless, my first response was, "well you will have to name her Caroline after her grandmother." It just came out. It was the first reference to this baby's gender. I am still not completely convinced that Elyssa will give birth to a girl, but somehow a June baby being a boy does not seem right. Silly, I know. Then I thought, oh, Carrie for short, and middle name Ann, Caroline Ann, Carrie Ann. What a wonderful gift to have one of the next generation named after my birth-mom. Just when I was feeling so sad, that my memories of my mom seemed like they were fading. Only last night I was feeling that, then the text today. Then as I was driving down Center Street on my way home today it hit me. Tomorrow is my mother's birthday.

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