Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fiddlehead Restaurant, a New Addition to the North End

We made it over to Fiddlehead last night and I was surprised that it did not live up to the hype shared here on a local restaurant review page. While it is a new restaurant and that is great for the north end of the City By the Lake, it wasn't really what I expected. I don't want to get too critical and I could discuss the amazing brick wall and tin press ceiling (not sure if it is faux or authentic but still nice) juxtaposed to an almost cafeteria vibe. Nor do I want to focus on sloppily dressed staff, however, I will focus on the food itself.

I ordered the Beet and Goat Cheese salad, with a small side of the mac and cheese. Steve ordered the Spaghetti and Meatballs. Let's begin with the Beet Salad. I am a lover of fresh cooked, roasted beets. I anticipated such on my salad. I was disappointed to have pickled beets. Had I known I would not have ordered the salad. It is not indicated on the menu. Increasingly  I am becoming frustrated with restaurants not serving what is actually on the menu, or switching it up in a way that leaves me frustrated. I am not prone to rejecting a meal as I know that is a big waste to the new upstart restaurant, but, come on. Tell it like it is!  The green goddess dressing was very good and the greens were superb, but, like the juxtaposition of decor, in this case the pickled overpowered everything. A little pickled with fresh roasted maybe, but beautiful deep purple beets and golden ones all pickled? Steve and I shared it, he focused on the pickles I focused on the greens and candied walnuts. He likes a strong pickled taste. The mac and cheese was good, the bacon used flavored it just enough, but, didn't over power it.

Steve's spaghetti? Not impressed. The sauce was mixed into the pasta and served more "cucina contadina italiana" which isn't bad when it is done well. In this case the sauce was a little bland and the meatballs were served on top with no evidence of sauce on the meatballs. Needless to say, Steve ate it all but he also ate spaghetti-o's as a kid. I sampled it but, it is clearly not worth $14.99. The highlight of the meal was the dark bread with raisins served as a welcoming treat.

When looking at Fiddlehead I saw some great potential, the place is a little too large in my estimation for that location and for the north end. However, I can see large events, weddings, and it has the potential for a great live music venue with the right management. I will go back again and try some other standard offerings, such as a cheeseburger. Nothing sells a local pub better than a good burger.

What confused me was the claim to use local meat? I was a little concerned when I discovered that shrimp is raised in Valpo. :) Oh well, we will be back because let's face it; eating local is what it is all about. There are a couple other items that I would like to try.

422 Franklin St.
Michigan City, IN


  1. I know there is a shrimp farm in Demotte.

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