Friday, May 1, 2015

AYCE Walleye Barker Inn and Chef Kari; Heaven on Earth!

After a long time searching for fish fries of days gone by, we finally found what is nothing short of perfection! A couple months or so ago we stumbled upon the AYCE, (all you can eat) $10 Friday night walleye fish special at the small, friendly neighborhood tap known as Barker Inn. We dream of of the tender scrumptious piece of perfection. After enjoying yet another plate of delightful pleasure.
Tonight was no different, but, wait, it was, it was the BEST EVER! Seriously, the BEST EVER! You have not lived until you have enjoyed an "all you can eat" walleye dinner prepared by "Chef Kari!" She is without a doubt the master of walleye. Let me take you on a magical journey into our gastronomic pleasure...
So, Steve and I journeyed out to our long awaited Friday night fish fest. At 4:21 I remembered that if we didn't get there by 4:35 and grab our favorite seat for two, that there was a good likelihood that the locals would have filled every seat in anticipation of the unbelievable delicacy that awaited them. Quickly Steve quite what he was doing and ran to grab his keys. With a rapid departure we were on our way. Pulling on to Barker St., you can imagine how delighted we were to discover that there was parking by the back entrance. As we entered we realized that our favorite seat was available! Quickly the bartender, a lovely younger woman approached us and remembered what I have ordered in the past. That is what every patron desires, to be remembered. Immediately it became apparent that we were exactly where we belonged.
Drinks ordered, walleye dinner ordered and anticipation grew. The comfortable surroundings are without a doubt the perfect appetizer to the long await fried delicacy. The first helping came out; a generous helping of coleslaw, french fries and yes, walleye! Delicate, tasty, perfect, every single bite, perfect!
Not long after our first helping we prayed that we would have room for the AYCE aspect of this remarkably, afford-ably, weekly treat!
There is a gentleman who works there, who has the attitude and appearance of the owner. His command of the Barker Inn and friendly approach misled me to believe that he must be the owner. As he approached our table, I could not wait to ask him about the secrets behind the magical walleye. I inquired about his role at the Barker Inn to which he replied that he was "just the bartender." First of all, there is no such thing as "just the bartender." Anyone knows that when it comes to an office, or school, the secretary is the boss and a tavern, it is the bartender. I asked about the genius behind the walleye and he shared with pride mind you, "Kari, she is the genius behind the walleye!"
As we left, fully satisfied and looking forward to the next time, I could not wait to speak with the master! I was so pleased be able to let ask the mistress of the kitchen if she was the "Kari," and if she shared that yes, she was Kari. Like getting the autograph of the leading soprano at an opera, she gently responded a thank you as she gently slid another of her delicacies into the hot oil. I asked her for the proper spelling of her name and she kindly obliged.
For anyone who loves a fish fry, Barker Inn is a must. Never in my life have Steve and I, ever enjoyed a more delicious fish fry. (by the way, we both grew up on church fish fries, and Steve he is from the heart of AYCE fish fries in the out-skirts of Milwaukee, Barker Inn 607 E. Barker St., Michigan City, IN.,
(219) 879-9011

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