Saturday, September 13, 2014

ArtSees Diner_The Mother Ship Continues to Grow!

There is nothing more thrilling to a blogger, or social networking glutton than to see the numbers climb! That is exactly what I am proud to announce to you all! While there are bloggers out there who are attaining their market share and then some in readers, I can boast that our numbers continue to rise! The past 2 months has seen substantial growth. Over 19,000 visitors for July and August. We are continuing to see that growth. Along with our ¨Mother Ship¨ increase we are also seeing substantial growth through ¨The Voice¨ of ArtSees Diner with over 340,000 listens in 17th months. Our blogging presence regionally as well as nationally. Growth is a beautiful thing and we are seeing continued growth. All areas of ArtSees Productions continue to grow! SLOW AND STEADY wins the RACE! Join us, become involved with ArtSees Productions! A very special thank you goes out to Steve Champagne, Paul Smith, Susan Block, Douglas C. Rapier, Diane Blanchette and over 200 amazing guests! You are what makes this so amazing!

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