Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hot Fun in the Summertime, Grazing in the Grass

aka, Farmer's Market Splendor

Today was an ordinary Sunday with an extraordinary kick. Traveling up Red Arrow Highway is one of our favorite things to do and today our travels brought us as far as Skip's Open Air European Market. Originally we were going to pick up a few things bring them home and just enjoy the special treats acquired there. Steve asked, "where would you like to begin?" The place was packed, more vendors than I remember from the last time we were there, and some of our old favorites were still present. I suggested going to the far end and working our way back to the car. It was then that we saw it...Skip's very own steak burgers and sweet corn! Our plans quickly changed. We would be enjoying the palatable pleasures on-sight. Each of us ordered a steak burger. Steve also got corn on the cob, and I went for their grilled peaches topped with blue cheese.

How did it all taste? Heavenly! The burger was so good, that aside from some fresh sliced onion nothing else was necessary. A fabulous burger. The grilled peaches, scrumptious. The corn on the cob, paled next to the intense flavor of the peaches and burger. But, good all the same.

Next stop: Divine Chef Peters, Chesteron, IN are purveyors of infused fine oils and specialty spices. You can always tell the real deal, because they stop what they are doing and tell you all about their product and share a little insight into the specialty that they sell or produce. Our senses were delighted as we sampled, herb/garlic olive oil, Meyer Lemon/Oil blend. Steve enjoyed truffle oil. Delish! I will let the Chef tell you what is so special about his truffle oil. Because they are bottling your oil on the premises you are able to have them increase and decrease certain herbs and spices. In our case, Steve wanted a little more garlic kick to ours. Needless to say the quality was evident and the care given to us was deeply appreciated. Looking forward to having Chef Peters on the show soon! Oh, and dipping into our special blend!

Did someone say pasta? Yes, nestled in the back of the market next to Chef Peters to the right is Pasta Love, Benton Harbor, MI. Pasta Love boasts a fine wide noodle pasta, both gluten free and organic flour. Our selection was the Beet and Parsley. I will report back later. I was assured that all of the pasta types are big sellers. Never pass up a good pasta!

Cheese Please! On the other side of Divine Chef is J2K Capraio, seller of cheese, olives, sausage, and well, just imagine walking into a little Italian market. Everything you need to prepare the perfect Charcuterie was at your reach. J2K is always ready to give you samples of his delicacies, as he is intensely proud of his provisions. Our choice for today, was a Pesto Rosso cheese, New York sharp cheddar and chevre goat cheese (by the way, August is goat cheese month. I have tried to come up with all kinds of goat puns, but, all of them will get your goat and get your nanny in a twist, so I decided not to). Needless to say, the cheese is far superior to anything you will find in local grocery stores, so enjoy while you can.

We hope to bring you these fine purveyors in an up and coming Midwest Monday broadcast. MANGIARE!

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