Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Industrialist's New Clothing

I'm just back from one of the most disappointing dining experiences in my life.

Having heard that The Industrial Revolution in Valparaiso, Indiana was rated the top restaurant in northwest Indiana, specializing in burgers, my mild hangover rejoiced at the decadent possibilities, and last night's craps win stood poised to fund it to the hilt.

But it was essentially one disappointment after another.

For starters, the hostess nearly sat us down next to a booth with a young child wailing at the top of his lungs over the noisy, suspended train whose own sonic disturbances cut right through to the spine. We requested to be seated somewhere more conducive to happy digestion. But it was tough, because it's simply a cacophonous place regardless where you sit, despite being only about half full at the time. We were also too cold.

The waitress was cheerful and prompt. But while she took plenty of time explaining all the specials of the day - complete with burger details - to people at an adjacent booth, with us was simply, "Care for an appetizer?" and, later, "Are you ready to order?"

We selected some sort of pot of melted cheese that was good. But while we were expecting some major salsa with it, I'd say there was all of a teaspoon's worth, and certainly not a rounded teaspoon.

The burger sampler claimed to be four miniature versions of some of their famed burgers, and a choice of garlic fries or sweet potato fries. We each ordered our own sampler with the garlic fries. And that's where things really went south.

The food was just barely warm. The burgers were dry, legitimately difficult to swallow. There was far too small a meat to bun ratio. And the toppings were scarcely present. The buns themselves were borderline stale.

The fries were okay, but nothing to blog home about.

Were it not for the aforementioned hangover, it's unlikely I would have finished my meal. But the fact that I *could* finish my meal *and* half an appetizer speaks to the paltry portions. And they were $12.95 a piece.

With tip, the bill came to $44, which was offensive for what we got.

All in all, I'd recommend doing yourselves a favor and driving to the Wendy's about a mile east on US 30, where $44 would easily feed two hungry adults consistent quality food three times over. How The Industrial Revolution came to be so highly rated is astonishing.

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