Thursday, July 31, 2014

canela chocolate y crema con tequila _ Casa Noble

Es muy delicioso! canela chocolate y crema con tequila - Casa Noble

On July 24th in honor of National Tequila Day, I interviewed Jose Hermosillo, 7th generation, tequila maker and owner of Casa Noble Tequila. Since that time, I have had the pleasure of experiencing Anejo, Reposado and Crystal Casa Noble Tequila.

Tonight I dabbled in a little mixology. Although I have taken Jose's recommendation to indulge in a clean sampling of Casa Noble and enjoyed it immensely, I am finding myself desiring a movement away from the typical margarita. Regardless how you indulge, Casa Noble is smooth, clean, fresh, alive. Casa Noble Tequila is some of the finest tequila I have had the pleasure of indulging in. Well, tonight I ventured away from clean and created a remarkable mix...Simple:

1/3 cup of half and half

1 ounce of dark chocolate

1 tbsp of vanilla

2 tbsp of simple sugar

1/4 tsp of cinnamon

4 to 5 ice cubes

2 shots of tequila, (I chose anejo) The deep caramel hue, bold rich taste and rich body holds up well to the ice

Place the chocolate, vanilla and half and half in a mug and heat for 1 minute/25 seconds. Stir vigorously... then blend all of the aforementioned ingredients into a shaker. Rapidly shake until almost all of the ice is melted. Pour into glass and let sit for about 5 minutes. The tequila when blended with the cinnamon really melds all the flavors together. Serve!

I can imagine that Sambuca and Grand Marniere would add fruit-filled essence, but, not entirely necessary.

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