Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mikey's Drive In, Bridgman Michigan

One of the favorite things of The Steve and Mary Show, aka, Champagne and LaLuna is to take long drives on the weekends up the Red Arrow Highway. We wind our way through New Buffalo, through Bridgman, sometimes stopping off at St. Joe MI, or travel up to South Holland. (on more adventurous days we go even farther, oooh ah!) We have our favorite places to stop in. For Steve it is ice cream and books. For me, well, I just enjoy being out and about with Steve.

All winter long Steve has waited patiently to make it over to one of his favorite places to get soft serve. Mikey's Drive In, along Red Arrow Highway in Bridgman Michigan. A quaint little ¨Mom and Pop¨ place where they still have car hops, AND homemade pie along with a very fine soft-serve ice cream.

Steve's long awaited treat was delivered in good form. Imagine our added pleasure to pay only $5.32 for a VERY large chocolate ice cream cone and a large hot caramel sundae with whipped cream and nuts! The sweet taste of success was not only well received by our palettes, but also by our wallets.

It is nice to know that you can still go out on a Saturday drive and not work over time for the next week, just to pay for a special treat. We will be back many times this summer and we will grow sad when they close down for the long cold Southwestern Michigan winters.

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