Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Our Compliments to the Chef! Blue Chip Hits the Jackpot!

Steve and I have had the privilege of enjoying a nice little neighborhood establishment for some time now. Lately due to my injury, we have been laying low, but, in honor of the season, we have treated ourselves to a couple of nice trips to the "Big Blue" as we fondly call it. "Big Blue" is also known to most as Blue Chip Casino. Our experience involves a late night snack at William B's over the weekend, and again tonight for a little post-Christmas shopping soiree. First of all, as you all know I have raved on and on about Copper Rock Steak House at Four Winds, and while I have to admit, I love David and Tamara and the crew, (especially their breads and spread served with every dinner) I really am impressed with what is going on at Blue Chip. Elegance, gourmet dining without losing your shirt and shoes. Saturday night we were treated like royalty by the Host Patrick and our server Patti. Both were outstanding and just good people! The food was exquisite and I w agreed William B's French Onion soup is actually superior to Four Winds. Also, the wedge salad is superior as well. The way it was presented lent to the overall improvement over Copper Rock. Again tonight it was superior. But, the soup Steve ordered was out of this world-Cream of Garlic soup. Now before you turn up your nose to it, it was maybe one of the outstanding soups that I have ever had. What was even more enjoyable was the delight our server Sean took in serving it to us. We were able to discuss the ingredients and he relayed my inquiries to the Chef. Our main meal was Brandied Chicken over fingerling potatoes and Steve had Braised Short Ribs served with Red Pepper Mashed Potatoes. It was absolutely unbelievable. Culinary excellence! To rejoice over food, experience fine dining in our backyard, and be treated like it mattered whether we were there or not, what more could a girl want? Oh did I mention the whole experience did not break the bank.

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