Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Littles & Lydees, Zoe's Jerk Does a Girl Right!

Being a member of Chicago Food Bloggers has its perks and one that I am so thrilled to share with you is Littles & Lydees absolutely to die for Zoe's Jerk Sauce!
So, the package arrived as promised by Littles & Lydee. Our first question was, "do we go chicken or pork?" We settled on some amazing Amish Chicken breasts. At first Steve said, "I think I will pass on the sauce and just go plain chicken." Then he said, "oh, let me have a little taste." The second his finger touched his lips, his eyes lit up and he said, "Give me that sauce." I heard him sighing and slopping down that chicken and sauce and was cooing like a baby. He could not wait to eat leftovers today for lunch. He made sure I did not get my hands on it. Not only is this sauce the best, the absolute best that I have ever had, the concept behind Littles & Lydees is awesome. They are worth looking into! Congratulations Littles and Lydees, and thank you Chicago Food Bloggers for the hook-up. Listen to Brother Doug's Blues Hour to hear the "SHOUT OUT!"
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